(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Around 2006, a few people gathered to start a band. That’s nothing special as new bands arise daily, but we talk about a band from Israel, and this makes it totally different. Recently I encountered a band from India (Kryptos), and they really blew my mind, so perhaps, Fatum Aeternum are the next highlight of the future. Their music is described as Gothic Rock with some metal influences, all mixed together with male and female vocals that express a lot of feelings with their emotional approach. From the start, the band went through a large scale of musical genres, all unified by the goth blend. What we hold in hands right now, is their debut album, which is originally released in 2011, and recently promoted by Infinite Metal Promotion as it’s still an independent release.

The band featured already on a compilation album which is called “From Israhell With Love”, with the track ‘False Freedom’, and this song can be found on their debut album as well.

Several line-up changes took place throughout the years, but it seems like the band has a consistent line up nowadays.  Well, so far the good news…  The music and songs on ‘This Dream Is Dead’ is too old fashioned, is too average and too predictable to impress me for 1 minute. Perhaps, the musical climate in Israel isn’t really exciting and up-to-date, and perhaps we are too much spoilt with products with sublime quality, but there are limits in all efforts that we undertake. This band has not future in the Western world, this band is damned to stay underground, and preferable with a huge pile of sand on top. This isn’t what we are looking for, it would be total failure to give this band a chance to sign a record deal. Let’s skip them…

Hopefully, the title of this album is exactly what I wanted to say…

My rating: 30 / 100