FORTTE - VAE SOLIS (Independent)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

Forté is finally back! They were announced to appear at the Keep It True festival a few years ago but finally they weren’t able to travel to Germany. Nevertheless, Forté is back! This was the band that became immortal to me because of their first album! Why? People who know Oliver Magnum’s self entitled album should know what I am talking about. This Oliver Magnum release became a classic one for US Metal fanatics and James Randel could be found on Forte’s debut too… That’s the main reason why Forté is some kind of magic to me. 

But Randel left the band and was finally replaced by David Thompson who seemed to be a good replacer and became the one and only front man of the band. With him as their singer Forté released two albums, more than worth checking out. Forté became during the years some kind of technical – even at some points a bit industrial – Power / Thrash Metal formation, pretty unique in its kind. A new album is heading our way, under the title “Unholy War”. Awaiting their fifth album this EP is represented to the world and it sounds great! 

After a break of so many years it’s good to see Forté is back because this band stands for first class Metal! If you’re into sharp dressed riffs, fast fingered screaming guitar solos, technical played drums and powerful arrangements I suppose Forté will be the ideal band for you. I realize this band from Oklahoma never reached a big crowd in the past and that’s such a shame because there’s a lot of potential in them. Delivering True Metal in the nineties wasn’t maybe the best idea but I bow my head low for them because they did.

Forté is a band I will always respect for the fact they kept the flame of True Heavy Metal burning while the scène was as good as dead. They have always done it with Metal in vein of Annihilator, Megadeth, Sacred Reich, Atrophy, Meliah Rage… and they keep on doing it! This EP contains three songs that are making me looking forward to the upcoming CD. If you know the previous albums or if you consider yourself as a fan you will be blow away! I can only hope the band will visit Europe soon! Check them out at

My Points: 88 / 100