(Review by Stefan)

Proudly present this brilliant, excellent new album from Brooklyn Metal gods Gothic Knights. Since 13 years, they belong to the spearhead of the US Underground Metal scene! Band leader and guitar player John Tzantis is back with a third Metal strike and it's a real killer album for maniacs who are into bands like Antithesis, Eidolon, Zandelle, Seven Witches,... Absolutely one of my faves at the moment with no doubt. I still remember their first album entitled "Gothic Knights" with that special singer Rick Sanchez and their Heavy Metal as an art of form.

I really like Gothic Knights from the very beginning, that's for sure. Shortly before the release, Rick left the band due personal reasons and he was replaced by Bryan Avatar which is a fantastic vocalist too. But more sad news hits us in the face when drummer Brian Dispost was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The lost of a great member and good friend hit the band real hard. His replacer was found by the name Ken Kelly. With that new line up, the band was ready for their second album " Kingdom Of The Knights" and once again a great album full of Metal at highest form.

In the fall of 2002, Gothic Knights accepted an offer from Limb Music Products and the coming of anew album was a fact. Title of that new CD is "Up From The Ashes" andi can tell you, it knocks me down. Mention that their previous singer Rick Sanchez is back in business with the band after Bryan left the band to join another great US Metal band named Zandelle. Also a new drummer joined the GK ranks by the name of Tony Cianciotto (ex-Virgin Steele). The album shines especially because of the connection between straight Power Metal structures with the elegance of baroque influences.

The high-pitched, powerful voice of Rick and the awesome guitar skills of John Tzantis to deliver me thrills all over my backbone. If you never heard of Gothic Knights, shame on you US Metal maniacs should check them out for sure!

My Points: 92 / 100