(Review by Stefan)

There is so much to tell about this American guitarist it wouldn’t be difficult start writing down a few pages on this great musician’s history. Since the day he was active in the world of Heavy Metal music, he created wonderful things throughout the years. Jack Starr was one of the main guys in Virgin Steele fame. Unforgettable, legendary albums he brought out at the side of VS singer David Defeis during the first years of the 80s… unfortunately, both decided to go their own musical way in 1984. Shortly after both legends called it quits, Jack started his own band Jack Starr’s Burning Starr and released at least four albums in a period of 5 years. I really became a big fan of Jack’s guitar playing since I’ve heard Virgin Steele for the first time (self titled debut LP) and my admiration continued to grow in days of his own band named Jack Starr’s Burning Starr. And again, the guitar wizard left the scene in 1989. I was quite wondered Jack fell of the radar for a long time. According to what I’ve heard he was active in a few other bands as the killer US Metal band Guardians Of The Flame for example… he even participated in a Blues Rock band and nothing’s wrong with that you know.

Like a thunder crack from a blue sky came great news in 2009, Burning Starr was back in business with a brand new effort “Defiance”. Filled up with new blood, the line-up was very good to me and so the album was. The game of Burning Starr’s US Power Metal continued and I felt good. The only question that lingered on in my head was: how long will it take before he leaves again? Well, it seems like Jack is back for good. May I present the new album from Jack Starr’s Burning Starr entitled “Land Of The Dead”, released through Limb Music.

Stand sharp for a lethal dose of pure Classic US Heavy / Power Metal, spiced with True / Epic influences. Jack Starr himself proves again what an excellent axeman he really is. So pure and technical strong as iron, in some ways I compare Jack with another guitar God named David T. Chastain. Two six string wizards in for the kill with their own ways of shred tactics throughout a couple of decades deserve a lifetime achievement for sure! Singer in charge on “Land Of The Dead” Todd Hall sounds better than he did on “Defiance”, more confident! The man behind the drumkit is a well known one, it’s ex Manowar drummer named Kenny ‘Rhino’ Earl. Bass duties come from Jack’s long time musical companion Ned Meloni – play the entire album and enjoy this brother’s phenomenal manner of bass killing.

Production done by Bart Gabriel sounds as it should be – not too polished which makes an new album played in the old school tradition very joyful. I’ve noticed a few guest musicians as well by the names of Ross The Boss / David Shankle (ex Manowar) and Crystal Viper’s Marta Gabriel. The complete line-up looks and is very impressive. Musical wise it’s almost impossible something goes wrong with a band occupation like this. Listening to the entire album, I have to be honest and say that the perfection is nearby. High pitched vocals, catchy melodic parts delivered by phenomenal shred attacks of Mr. Jack Starr himself, bass virtuoso all the way around, heart ripping drums… did you have anything else on the wishlist?

On “Land Of The Dead” there is room for everyone on one condition and that’s – you have to be pure Metal minded and not afraid to swallow your stuff in an old school way. Let’s get back into the good old days of Metal, back into those days where Metal was simply Metal as it should be… in these days, there was no space for beating around the bush. Albums like the brand new Jack Starr’s Burning Starr entitled “Land Of The Dead” is perfectly able to let the good old days roll again. A one hour killer piece for fans of Riot, Shok Paris, Exxplorer, Faith Factor, Pharaoh, Virgin Steele and stuff. US Metal Still Reigns Supreme!

My Points: 92 / 100