(Review by Stefan)

The level of my passion for US Metal music stands still enormously high, I said it many times before... thereís no life without this form of music - US Metal is definitely a way of living to me! Anyway, this time I'd like to share my thoughts with all of you about an American outfit named Jacobs Dream - watch out for their new album that surely will knocks you beyond control. US Power Metal maniacs, you are warned !


Jacobs Dream debuted with a self-titled effort back in 2000. A record deal with famous Metal Blade Records placed them on the 'US Metal' map for real. Secondly, the album ''Theatre Of War'' appeared bright fully one year later on, once again - my heart was filled with nothing else then splendid Power Metal, the American way build up on a 'Classic' tradition. Excellent front guy David Taylor left the JD ranks, unfortunately for the fan base but he did not returned on its decision - he was gone, a few other members followed his decision too! The next four years, the band's status stood unstable and to be honest, I was afraid for their further existence but the remaining members kept on going on, keeping their heads up high and were resolute concerning the future of the band. Jacobs Dream always had a strong band with US Metal, also they can't live without I guess!


Former singer of Biogenesis Chaz Bond came reinforce the JD ranks and that was awesome to hear because this guy's voice is outstanding, print that in mind for sure. New singer added, also some original members returned to the Jacobs Dream camp - they were back with a vengeance. Stronger than ever before, JD brought out a third US Metal assault, entitled ''Drama Of The Ages''. Great output it was and there was already a fourth release in sight, brothers and sisters - the new Jacobs Dream is unleashed by the titled of ''Dominion Of Darkness'', a masterpiece for all those into US Power Metal pure.


At least 13 songs spread over a running time of 77 minutes, this effort really sounds outstanding. I know for sure about which I speak, always capable of conquering the mind and soul of every US Metal worshipper, this new album won't change a damn thing about that statement - they still delivering the best. Right from the very first track 'Demon World', my heart starts to fill with pleasure immediately. Brilliant guitar riffs / solos take me by the throat! Chaz' vocals like we used to know in very good condition. He breeds pure power and might while he opens his lungs. Mainly, his voice sounds warm and deep but he's the owner of incredible aggressive or high pitched vocal lines too. Vocalists like Chaz - I'm in! Welcome back to drummer Gary and guitar player Jon, we know them from the early days of JD...I'm glad they returned. 'Curse Of Antykitera' opens very calm but explodes after a while - what follows are many minutes of explosive US Power Metal and my heart is longing for more.


Instrumental 'Hands Of Doom' shows a band that is loaded with loads of talented forms. Power, melody, eye for detailed perfected...fantastic! Power ballad 'Don't Talk' gives me the time to rebuild my strengths so I can survive the remaining songs. En there is many more to come... the almighty 'Hero' and 'Surrounded By Sorrow' to bring me in a very comfortable position - feeling really good during the past few songs and look ahead what will come up next. 'Violent Kingdom' comes along in style... guitars 'Classic Metal' minded, singer Chaz shows his wide ranged vocals in a supreme manner. 'Awaken The Man', 'End Of Days' and 'Mercy Killing' closing up this release in style, a whole lotta style I mean !


For sure is the fact that I havenít annoyed myself for one single moment. Great vocals, guitars in perfect harmony, bass and drums extremely hard hitting, still very tasted... besides other recent US Metal release of Order On Nine, Held Under, Black Widow USA, The Vengeful Few, Catch 22, Temple Of Blood, Six Minute Century, A Lower Deep, Pharaoh, Aska, Seven Kingdoms and more... I'm very satisfied with Jacobs Dream's ''Dominion Of Darkness'' A must-have for all US Classic Power Metal!! Check out a few songs / order possibilities at:http://www.myspace.com/jacobsdream 


My Points: 93 / 100