(Review by Officer Nice)

When Jag Panzer releases an album it means more to me than for millions of others. I suppose most Metal heads are looking forward to a new Maiden, Metallica or Slayer but not me…. Jag Panzer is without any discussion one of my most favorite bands and along with Helstar they’re the ultimate icons for everything True US Power Metal is standing for. I’ve seen these Americans several times on stage and time after time Harry Conklin and his band blew me away, they kept me astonished behind, every single time it was a magical touch of my soul…. Same counts for their albums, to me one after another masterpiece is written….

The band suffered hard times when Chris Broderick left the band to join Megadeth. No one could stop him but no man discussed the fact he had to take the ultimate opportunity to take the next step in his career. What he did with Megadeth on “Endgame” was godlike, what a fantastic album this was. Chris Broderick was replaced by a man called Christian Lesague. I don’t know where they found this guy but believe me already he’s the perfect replacer. You don’t have to miss any very fast fingered and technical played guitar solo, believe me. Check the “Burn” video clip on the Internet and you’ll be convinced at once!

But before we talk about that specific track I need to talk about all the rest. Fans of Jag Panzer don’t have to be afraid; this is another typical Jag Panzer release! To me that mean first class Melodic Power Metal full of catchy hooks, superb riffs, ripping and lightning fast guitar solos, heavy loaded percussion, well structured songs that will keep on hammering in your heads… Jag Panzer is at its top when they create tracks that sound good in the ear, with more than enough Progressive touches and a perfect balanced Power. Each single instrument is responsible for this awesomeness in its purest form! This is how US Power Metal should sound! Every single track contains its secrets, its seducing details, arrangements that will easily take you by the throat.

Fans of spectacular guitars won’t believe their ears, again, with Jag Panzer! Add of course Harry Conklin’s beautiful and strong voice! No one can deny this lad is one of the best singers in the entire Metal scène. I’d bet you can’t name 10 singers who are any better than he is… Once more Harry proves me right and his performances on “The Scourge Of The Light” are once more godlike, fantastic, and superlative! As usual Jag Panzer knows how to create the perfect dark atmosphere, angelic voices or choirs, a piano intro and other musical artistic ideas are used to make the album sound this way. If you know how Jag Panzer sounded the last decade and if you’re a fan of this kind of music… don’t hesitate to purchase this one too.

Why should you doubt with tracks like “Condemned To Fight”, “Bringing The End”, the heavy “Cycles”, and the awesome “Burn” and the epic “The Book Of Kells”? There really are no reasons and believe me after a few spins you’ll be under the spell of this album as much as I am. This release must finally be the start of Jag Panzer’s career, after more than thirty years! I really hope their new label will be able to give the band the respect they should have earned so many years ago! I really hope the band can make a successful tour throughout Europe. Throughout its existence, the band has strove only for purity and excellence, crafting songs that embody everything for which good metal stands. I really hope they can make it to for example Alcatraz Fest or even bigger festivals so they can finally show what real US Power Metal is all about. Let them, along with Helstar, finally define this genre as the best and most qualitative on earth! Hail Jag Panzer for this masterpiece!

My Points: 95 / 100