(Review by Stefan)


Katagory is the name of a kick ass, awesome US Metal band with progressive influences formed in late '99 in The Salt Lake Valley of Utah! These guys are really good and make my days looking brighter with their outstanding form of US Metal music. They've released a debut album in 2001 entitled "Present Day" so had to wait a few years for a next effort and check it out, here it is… and how!


Metalages Records just delivered me one of the best US ProgMetal bands of 2004. The voice of Lynn Allers reminds me a lot of Ray Alder (Fates Warning). Musically, I'd like to compare them with bands like: Power Of Omens, Syris, Fates Warning or Queensryche.

The opener starts excellent and reflects the almighty, typical US Metal style pure as can be, just amazing! The rest of the entire album breeds a fantastic mixture of US Power and Progressive Metal, nothing more-nothing less. "Turn To Grey' per example, check out the incredible combination of bass, drums and guitar lines with solid, well fitting vocals... and you ain't hear nothing yet. Also very special is the title track "A New Breed Of Rebellion". First part is played with acoustic guitars and a lot of passion but turns into a real smoker after almost three minutes. Passion, intensity, feeling,... they knows how to play it all with a lot of determination.

Looking for a bass demonstration, go for a song called "A Peaceful Act Of Terrorism". Bass player Dustin Mitchell shows you how to handle a loaded bass guitar in the best possible ways. Fortunately, that's exactly what his fellow band members and guitarists Trevor Asire, Curtis Morrell do. These brothers are so damn skilled, the pleasures are all mine. I don't wanna forget to mention the name Matt Suiter cause he keeps on knocking the drum skins real hard with several forms of energy, good job Matt. "Chrono-Logic" and "In Dark Night" are real great without one single word of regrets. No time to mess around, stay in front of your speakers to enjoy these wonderful sounds of American steel. One last track called to go called "One Last Time", an easy one with some kinda sentimental lyrics… less power but still a brilliant composition!


I've enjoyed the album with all of my heart from beginning till the end. Maniacs of US Metal ala Fates Warning (Ray Alder era) and stuff better give this piece a try. Katagory V is working on a new output and I'm already looking forward to the release date. For sure, it’ll be a new revelation within the US Metal movement. www.metalagesrecords.com     www.katagory5.com


My Points: 92 / 100