(Review by Stefan)

Masterbrain behind this concept is Peter Scheithauer (Belladonna/ Stream) who wants to get some musicians together to complete a totally renewed line-up after Killing Machine's self-titled debut album. Peter is a guy with very good, worldwide connections within the circuits of Heavy Metal. On the prowl for the right guys led him to make a phone call to Mr. James Rivera, you know the almighty singer who offered his fantastic voice to several bands like Helstar/Distant Thunder/Seven Witches/Destiny's End and nowadays very active in the legendary Vicious Rumors ranks too.

James is an all time fave of mine since his early days with Helstar... every note he sings feels like magic to me! James was able to enter the Killing Machine camp at first, followed by a few other famous Metal giants such as ex-Evildead/Abattoir and current Agent Steel guitar player, Mr. Juan Garcia. Also, Mr. Dave Ellefson (Megadeth) offered his very skilled talents as bassist, just like Jimmy DeGrasso (ex-Megadeth, Y and T, Suicidal Tendencies,...) wants to take place behind the drumkit. New line-up completed, still the guys were searching for a good producer which they found by the legendary Bill Metoyer, a big name within the US Metal movement with numerous, awesome production works behind his name. He collaborated with greats like Fates Warning, Trouble, Sentinel Beast, Helstar, Sacred Reich, Atrophy, Flotsam and Jetsam, Tourniquet, Sadus and many, many others. Bill was the in-house producer for legendary Metal Blade Records among others.

Diving into the recording room as fast as possible, spending many hours, days... even weeks or months to reach their goal which was the creation of a blistering Heavy Metal album. And their mission is accomplished, all is done and ready to unleash, Killing Machine's new effort entitled "Metalmorphosis" sounds awesome ! An output that really kills, rips and destroys from the very beginning. Ten songs, very good production, artwork, etc... everything seems perfect to me. The result can be described as an old school inspired Heavy/Power Metal for those hooked on the US scene mainly.

Influences of Judas Priest, Helstar, Seven Witches, Vicious Rumors and stuff are remarkable so to all US Metal maniacs - you’re warned! I like it, I admire it and I always shall give my support to bands like Killing Machine. This is Metal music the way it should be made by a band of brothers, actually top-notch musicians. The heat is on right from the beginning until the very last moment, a flaming US Metal type system that burns from deep within!!

My Points: 96 / 100