(Review by Stefan)

Even the fact Killingsworth called it quits a few years ago, I still like to share my dignity for US Metal with all of you by spreading the word of their fantastic, debut album called “Viking Steel” through RockNeck Records.

They were formed in 2000 - back then, the band was active by the name of Skarecrow, later on changed into Killingsworth. Original members, Shawn Killingsworth (vaclas/guitarist), Andrew (drummer) and Manny (bass grinder) got company of a new guitar player named Sean who shreds his tool with a burning passion. The missing link had been found, line up completed and there they go! If you are a defender of US Heavy Metal maniac in its purest form, hang on for a while please.

"Viking Steel", their self financed, debut album has been fulfilled with solid, American steel and saw daylight in 2006. Their way of Metal was based on the almighty 80s Metal movement and you won't me hear complaining at all about that, Hell No! Actually, a blend of NWOBHM and Classic Heavy Metal music in the vein of Cloven Hoof, Thunder Rider, early Trouble, Slough Feg, Manilla Road, Ravage, Witchkiller and so on. Killingsworth played their stuff right up into your face, hard as a rock and as for myself… well, they got me by the throat from the first note! 

They had a fantastic singer within their ranks who surely knew how to use his throat in a very clear but powerful manner. Besides outstanding guitar riffs and scorching leads, also great bass lines and hard pounding drums made this album worth to play several times a day. Many years later now and my dignity for the band hasn’t changed. “Viking Steel” became a classic to me and I’m damn proud being the owner of such a brilliant product… my everlasting passion for US Metal has been rewarded with an album like - US Metal still reigns supreme!

My Points: 95 / 100