M16 - LOCKED AND RELOADED (Heaven And Hell Records)


                          (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

As the title of the album suggests, there is more to tell about this release by Heaven And Hell Records. The label releases this album for the first time ever on CD, and this reissue is part of the ‘Lost Relics’ series and will have a re-mastering.  Reviving the good old times is probably the basic idea about this re-release, which originally was called ‘Locked And Loaded’. 

The band M-16 and their artwork is pretty heavy and dangerously looking, but the musical direction of M-16 is totally different. Think back on the early 80’s when melodic music was hot and present in almost every club and radio station. The boys wanted to look and sound like Dokken, Leatherwolf and White Sister, the girls wanted boys with big hair and spandex. The scene was alive and vivid, and when I was in the States around that time there were so many great clubs where you were able to watch your own favorite heroes daily. One of the bands that created a buzz around New York was M-16. They released only one album, in 1988, followed by a split in 89 and a reunion around 2007. They must have had wonderful gigs and a lot of highlights in their short time of being, but as metal is reviving on a global base, there is still a crowd that  lingers this kind of music. 

M-16 is looking heavy and deadly, despite the cover, but their music is melodic, catchy and lethal as well! Songs like ‘Tonite (It’s You)’, ‘Shot Down’, ‘Guilty Of Innocence’ and ‘R.U. Hot Tonite’ will please the masses again, that’s for sure! Those that want to hear a ballad, are able to fill their thirst as well, and because the average playing time in that time frame, was around 30 minutes, Heaven And Hell added two bonus tracks on this reissue. ‘The Game’ and ‘Play It Loud’ are typical songs for M-16 and featured originally on the ’89 demo, but I’m not sure if that tape was released or not. 

Anyway, M-16 sounds dated but great, they don’t add anything on present time, but it was just great to jump back into the 80’s, a musical time that hasn’t been exceeded so far…

My rating: 82 / 100