MASSDISTRACTION - FOLLOW THE RATS (Mighty Music/Target Distribution)


                                   (Review by Stefan)

It’s been a while that I had to do with a Metal act from Sweden – years ago we were inundated with troops that were part of the so-called Gothenburg Metal movement. Actually, it was a melodic way of Death Metal introduced by bands like Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, At The Gates, Eucharist, Gardenian, Gates Of Ishtar, Soilwork and many more. This style created a true landslide in the world of Metal for many years, unfortunately for all those hooked on it but during the recent years, it’s rather very calm… it seems that the dust has settled but okay, that was then – this is now so let’s talk about Massdistraction, the new Swedish Metal revelation in the fields of Thrash!


Founded in late 2007 by axeman Jon Hjalmarsson and his brother Per who left the ranks afterwards. Same old story repeats itself  - also this band dealed with problems to recruit the right musicians. Anno 2012, the band consists out of singer Mikkjal G. Hansen, Ali Nassadjpoor (guitar), David Larsson (drums) and bassist Kalle Möllerström. The musicianship was optimal well at certain moment due to a very good feedback they’ve received as they shared several stages with bands like Hatesphere, Mnemic and Raised Fist. Back in 2011, they were even proclaimed as ‘Best Unsigned Metal Band’ in Southern Sweden. It was a statement that was given by a jury consisting of people from Sweden Rock festival among others. Loaded with this way positive feedback, Massdistraction thought it was time to enter the studio for the records of a debut full length album. Even the fact they haven’t signed a record deal, they were determined to go for it in full force!


Founder/guitarist Jon in charge as producer – he also took the mixing and engineering for his own account… all together, hard labour that has seized a time span of 6 month. Afterwards, it was Dragan Tanaskovic who kindly offered his famous skills to mastering the debut effort of Massdistraction.  Entitled “Follow The Rats”, the album was indepently released on Swedish around August 2012. The rest of Europe have to wait until late January 2013 when the album is available through a very promising Danish label called Mighty Music. It might be a small consolation but take it from me – it’s worth waiting for because of to what I heard, “Follow The Rats” is a highlight within the category of nowadays Thrash Metal!


This output has a very proper sound and holds me tightly in control during the entire running time. Singer Mikkjal shows no mercy for the weak… with an evil force, the man’s aggressive and brutal sounded throat cut through flesh and bone. I have a towering passion for highly talented guitar tactics both Massdistraction axemen know how to set my soul on fire. These guys deliver their duties in a way I’d like to describe as very intelligent. Fast, technical guitar riffings afflict my eardrums and I have not even talked about the outstanding leads!


To illustrate, you should start listening to opener ‘Headgranate’ and its fantastic, thrashing structures. ‘See No Evil’ might be offered with less high-speed velocities but is still able to fascinate me due to, once again, brilliant guitar riffage/leads and similar to next called ‘Something Violent’! Headbangers, take your stand and be prepared to obey as soon as the title track starts to rumble. Nice hooks, melodic parts and a full package of thrashing aggression…according to myself, best song of all! ‘Sudden Deaf” opens in a calm mode to go further as a real thrasher alternating with cool breaks and unexpected, a little more cleaner vocals. A song that brings a breath of fresh air before grim aggression sticks his head again.  Another fave or mine calls ‘Walking The Earth’ and like to compare with mighty Death fame, mainly because of the rhythm guitars. While checking out the entire album, you will hear more similarities with Chuck Schuldiner on a regular basis. Massdistraction’s debut album “Follow The Rats” ends gracefully with ‘Master Manipulator’, the longest song (6 + minutes) of all and able to enjoy to the fullest. 


Massdistraction’s “Follow The Rats” definitely mean a lot for anyone who is attracted to Melodic Death/Thrash Metal. The album has been delivered by a bunch of young aged Swedish metalheads which is committed to the listeners to give what they have paid for. So if you purchase the product, you’ll not be deceived at all. Facebooker, check: - official homepage at:


My Points: 83 / 100