(Review by Stefan)

And here I go again with another review from a legendary US Metal band called Medieval Steel! Back in May 2012, No Remorse Records released the LP version of “Anthology Of Steel” which contained the almighty “Medieval Steel” EP (1984), sessions from “The Dungeon Tapes” and every to-the-bone Classic US Metal maniac will have a blasting moment while hearing a brand new song, recorded in 2012. Available on black vinyl up to 500 copies, collectors of very rare stuff could order the ‘red vinyl’ version as a limited box set (100 copies only!). The ultimate surprise came with “The Anthology Of Steel Box Set” including the CD, LP and a good-looking Medieval Steel T shirt also. Due to they’re still very popular within the 80s US Metal movement, both editions are no longer available… a sold out situation is the matter. On the other hand, the CD version of “Anthology Of Steel” still can be ordered HERE. Watch out, only 1000 copies were made!


Yeah, those were the days Medieval Steel came into my life with their self-titled, almighty 1984 EP. US Metal from the early 80s still rule my world because of so many great bands came on with a style of music I like to describe as pure as can be. At that timethere was alot lesstechnologicalopportunities tomake musical adjustments ifnecessary. I mean that nowadays, if something goes wrong misically based, computer technology will fix it up. Basically, that’s the big difference between Metal from the 80s and Metal as it it right now. Back in the days, all was less sophisticated but more pure, coming straight from the musicians’ own built-up skills… the only way out to me!


After the release of this, in my memory carved, EP, Medieval Steel released a 4 song demo in 1989 which I’ve never been able to obtain. Damn pity those days but the better I feel right now due to on “The Anthology Of Steel”, I can hear three of the four songs taken from that demo actually. First, it was Hellion Records who released “The Dungeon Tapes” in 2005 and also one song missed the boat. Apparently no place for ‘Just Too Late’ which makes me a bit regrettable. But no reason to complain actually because of the fact No Remorse Records added a brand new song entitled ‘The Killing Fields’ instead… it softens the loss in some way. But still my respect for both Hellion and Remorse Records is sincere – companies like these make it true to let relive magical moments of a legendary US Metal band called Medieval Steel and so many others!


Frontman Bobby Franklin knew (and still knows) everything about serving magical moments with his extremely high pitched, a little nasal way of singing. Not compareble with anyone else, his throat was invaluable for the 80s US Metal movement! Comparing the older songs with the new track  ‘The Killing Fields’ I have to say that the vocals are still fantastic. Less high pitched but still solid as a rock – typical US Metal way of singing as I like! Right after “The Dungeon Tapes” it became quite around Medieval Steel but the wait is over… make notice that the band has been reformed by Mr. Franklin and plans for a new record are already made. Also they’re ready to Tour again ang guess who’s on the bill for KIT festival 2013… after a very long time (read decades), Medieval Steel will be back with a new show at this phenomenal festival in Germany named Keep It True .  Metal To Infinity co-editor Rico (Officer Nice) is an annual visitor of KIT and definitely will be present this year as well. Afterwards, he will make an overview of those two days of Metal magic so stay tuned for his review.


According to myself, this converted up to a limited edition of 1000 copies, “The Anthology Of Steel” from one of the greatest bands in the history of Classic US Metal named Mediaval Steel has only memorable songs to offer. And I’m sure that many others are agree with me concerning that statement. For instance, someone who never heard of songs, like the one and only ‘Medieval Steel’, comes from another planet, that’s for sure! Striking fact is that the last few years, more and more younger metalheads are attracted to Classic Metal and that’s a real good sign for the future. Dressed up in denim and leather, spikes and bullet belts and a whole lotta patches of their favourite bands, they walk the streets very proudly which reminds me of my own childhood. Damn, those were the days!


Be sure that the rest of the album is very pleasant to listen at as well. Unique vocals, awesome twin guitar duels delivering the most impressive melodic lines, thundering bass lines and deafening drum works. They are world renowned for their Medieval Steel song but to me these guys were more than that. A superb band that deserves a long time achievement due to delivering US Metal as beautiful as can be! Each and every song they ever made in the past will always stay with me as it was yesterday.


Can’t wait to hear the new album that surely will loaded with authentic US Metal as we are used from this Memphis, Tennessee based Medieval Steel… “Cuts you like a knife – Warriors of the battlefield – Laying down their life for steel”.


My Points: 98 / 100