(Review by Stefan)

Formed in 1984 and we all know these Boston based band from the great Metal pleasures they brought us with fantastic albums such as: "Kill To Survive" ('88), "Live Kill EP" ('89), "Solitary Solitude" ('90), "Death Valley Dreams" ('96). Just like it was yesterday but after so many years, they're still a brilliant bunch of Metal maniacs including the outstanding voice of Mike Munroe and the typical guitar sounds of Anthony Nichols...wish i could turn back the clock and go back to where it all started.

Anyway, the great news is that the guys are back with a new album called "Barely Human". The album sounds very good to me but there are no Meliah Rage albums like the older ones. They're still full of energy and power, this time a new guy is taken place behind the microphone by the name of Paul Souza. He differs from the voice of the band's previous vocalist Mike Munroe but he has also a great and strongful throat. Damn great to hear back the crazy guitar skills of A. Nichols. He was there since the very beginning and amazing to hear him playing once again after many years of silence.

"Barely Human" breaths traditional Heavy / Power and Thrash Metal at it's best, influenced by the older Metallica (And Justice For All/ Master Of Puppets). Be ready to bang your head on the first two songs "Hate Machine" and "Invincible" (bass guitars played by Bob Mayo - Wargasm) incl. pure Thrash Metal riffs. "Ungodly" is some kind of a semi ballad and look to what i said before about the Metallica influences. The longest song of the album is named "Rigid" and is an overwhelming instrumental piece of solid Metal, very impressive!

"Hell Song" is the most easy one of the entire album but sounds very good. A few minutes slow and easy but the real forces return with the last song "Motor Psycho. To the core Metal, right in your goddamn face and that's the way we like, isn't it. Hell yeah, this is the renewed Meliah Rage back with a vengeance. In 1992, Meliah Rage recorded a demo "Unfinished Business" and is included as bonus CD, digitally remastered! The songs on it are played in the old school Thrash /Speed tradition influenced by the good old and early Metallica albums such as "Kill 'em All", "Ride The Lightning",...It's a bonus CD fulfilled with precious, awesome Metal tunes.

Two great albums for the price of one, just go for it before it's too late!!

My Points: 89 / 100