(Review by Stefan)

Arlington Virginia based, four piece Messenger just released its self-financed sophomore album “You Choose” in a very attractive way! Musically, these ‘messengers of God’ know how to please me on many fronts – hearing the entire album, I have no time bored for real! Messenger ensures solid/straight from the heart Traditional Hard Rock / Heavy Metal music the American way and that’s what I like people!


The band started back in 2008 and unleashed its debut effort “I’m Talking To You” a little while later on. Due to I still have not heard this one I was forced to find some background information on the Internet. To what I found there, Messenger’s debut album seem like a gift from heaven for all those into Classic Metal, true as can be! Loaded with this information, I started listening to their new album “You Choose”. It’s my first contact with Messenger and must admit that they have inherited my absolute approval!


First they have a wonderful singer within the ranks who sounds very clear, not yet high-pitched… Frank Clifton Herring breathes a lot of power too. I’ve tried to compare with other frontmen, unfortunately without result because of this frontman original character. He fails a bit on the lower notes but based on this point, it’s actually disposable so forget about that. Let me say that Messenger’s singer is one of a kind, a type of musician I have surrounded with a clear conscience. By the way, make an advance note that Frank is also in charge as rhythm guitarist and keyboardist!


His fellow brothers in Messenger named Tim “TNT” Tieff (drums), Roy Richardson (Bass) and lead guitarist Vlad Gurin bringing all honour o the name Messenger making it all complete. To all fans of good old Melodic Hard Rock/Metal, flirting with minor modern, progressive touches… I refer you all to their official homepage: … the place an order, hearing audio files and to find out all necessary information on the band.


Opener ‘The Sacrifice’ and its mixture of both classic and modern touch immediately shows the real nature of Messenger. Strong vocals and nice guitar works, full of melodic leads… great one! Pure Heavy Metal the American way comes with ‘The End Of Time” and also the Hard Rock semi-ballad ‘Paradise’ sounds real good to me… superb vocals and nice sensitive guitars roaring all the way around! ‘Christian Rocker’ delivers driven guitars and a whole lotta power with a Classic Rock feel. More heavy guitars to flatter me during ‘The Back Of My Mind’ and I really have a great time listening to ‘Come Home’… and again, the great vocal delivery and outstanding, melodic guitar tactics to leave me behind surprised.  Fans of Classic Metal maniacs will embrace highlight with the song ‘Power’. ‘Rulemaker’ starts to play and a good old Blackfoot feel comes over me – superb guitars in a leading role! Last one ‘The Risen Christ’ brings another quality time moment for all 80s Metal maniacs, including myself!


Messenger’s “You Choose” has a lot to offer to me – all those experienced the 80 Hard Rock & Metal scene, including myself, will have very good time listening to all of the songs. Fully guitar driven with nice song structures and outstanding vocals, messenger has been praised to a full personal fave of mine. Another checkpoint:  US Hard Rock/Heavy Metal still reigns supreme!


My Points: 88 / 100