METALHEAD - METALHEAD (Killer Metal Records)


                             (Review by Officer Nice) 

I’m still into True Metal, it seems the only music that is able to touch my soul… The festivals, the new discoveries, the surprising acts when you expect them at least… The hard hitting drums, loud guitars and high screams; I still adore them! I have something in my hands that really astonished me from the very first seconds, a band called Metalhead. This band is from Germany but blindfolded I would have been convinced this is one of those old forgotten gems out of the US of A, a diamond that was forgotten and overseen… but it ain’t!

This band is already a few years and can be considered as a new band with old traditions. This record is their official debut, only a 7inch was released before. More ‘Metal’ isn’t able for a name of a band and to be honest it declares all what you this silver disc is all about. Fans of NWOBHM in a blender with US Power Metal will be pleased with this release! What makes this band so irresistible is that fantastic voice of singer Stefan “The Animal” Sadzio! If you’re into Mercyful Fate and King Diamond you should really hear what this guy is capable of. Awesome, a talent that needs to be showed at the entire world if you would ask me!

It aren’t just the vocals; also these musicians are good. This band offers you eight great Heavy Metal songs with the right dark intake! This is the kind of metal we receive too less! Fans of bands like Exciter, old Judas Priest, old Saxon, Satan, A Tortured Soul, old Helstar and a whole lot of other beauties will easily adapt this one! Check In it’s genre this really is a top record!

My Points: 89 / 100