(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

With a name like Midgard, you would think of a realm in Norse mythology, placed somewhere in the middle of Yggdrassil, surrounded by a world of water, that is impassable. If you want to reflect that name to a musical direction, I would say: Pagan and Folk metal.  You should have seen my face when I pushed the play button to review ‘Satellite’… Musically, it started pretty melodic, but after one minute, the vocals of Alex Shalenko changed the direction drastically. This has nothing to do with pagan, folk, or whatsoever, as this is pure Death Metal with a very melodic edge!  The quartet from Colorado, USA released this full-length debut album in 2012 as an independent release and try to get the attention of the world. Well, partly, they succeeded in my opinion.

The opener ‘Empire’ is so brutal, so powerful and aggressive that I kind of respected their style.  The hard-edged guitar riffs from Travis Boylls and Alex Shalenko combined with the haunted melodies from female bass player Jenn Boylls (sister of Travis) have a very own sound and style. Drummer Ryan Willis keeps the pace high and makes sure that the sound is bombastic and threatening! The band is responsible for the production of this album, and that could have been much better by a professional. All in all, it sounds pretty underground, which has charm as well, but that’s a topic to work on in the future.

Every track on ‘Satellite’ will give you something to think about. The variation is present, arrangements are worked out well, so fans of melodic Death Metal need to check this band. The official website of Midgard is http://www.midgardmetal.com and I’m gonna keep an eye on this band, as they are too original to lose out of sight!

My rating: 84 / 100