(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

The new Munruthel album after a 7 years long break, is a first indication that a sticker on the front side of the promo informs us.  For some, (read: the record label) is it a long-awaited new album, for others it’s a kind of ‘here we go again’. I still remember my review of the previous album that scored a moderate 63 out of 100, so my expectations weren’t that high. But, everybody deserves a chance, so I took a good listen to this new album without any prejudice.

‘CREEDamage’ is the 5th album of this Ukrainian artist, and during the recording process, he got some support from Masha Arkhipova (from the Russian band Arkona) and Wulfstan ( from British band Forefather). Especially, the collaboration with Wulfstan on the track ‘The Lake’ is a welcome peak in the 11 songs on this album.  Some of you will know this track from Bathory, and I guess that Munruthel recorded this song as a tribute to Quorthon and his Viking Metal days. The last three tracks on this album take 15 minutes in total, and are divided in three parts. Krada 1: The Blood, Krada 2: The Surya and finally Krada 3: The Fire.  It’s a mixture of atmospheric parts and bombastic parts, with orchestral arrangements, and that’s a bit typical for this artist. Some parts are really restful, while a few seconds later, all hell’s bursting out.

Munruthel can be considered as a stranger in our midst, but this also includes that I somehow have respect for his musical style and ideas. It’s not because you’re not walking between the two lines of predefined paths, that you don’t deserve the right of existence. I hope that Munruthel will continue future releases with songs like ‘The Lake’ and aims for a continuous better soundscape, with a top notch production as anabsolute minimum.

My rating: 69 / 100