NEBELKRÄHE - LEBENSWEISEN (Mighty Music/Target Distribution)


                              (Review by Officer Nice)

I have never heard of Nebelkrähe and there seem to be two bands with this name. One from Berlin and this one, from Munich. A German band, with German lyrics. Rammstein is the most famous one who uses German lyrics, their unique style gave them world domination. Fan or not, it doesn’t matter…


Nebelkrähe seems to be a Black Metal band. An awesome booklet with pictures of the members makes this clear in a blink of an eye. I do have something with Black Metal lately. For years I denied this genre, being convinced that it wouldn’t please me but I changed my thoughts. It was Immortal who was responsible for a change in my point of view and a documentary about the genre easily made me curious about the genre and its history. This kind of Metal has something special, something you hardly can find in other subgenres. Gorgoroth, Taake, Satyricon and some other bands gave me that kind of cold shivers I want to receive when I listen to Metal. The coldness and the darkness becomes reality while you listen to this kind of bands, it’s like travelling through hell, through those dark woods in those dark countries they’re coming from.


Nebelkrähe easily gives me that same feeling! From the very first notes the band takes me by the throat and drowns me in the beauty of darkness! These guys know how to perform good Black Metal and make their music very atmospheric without exaggerating in using background samples. No bombastic arrangements like Dimmu Borgir or Cradle Of Filth but melodic Black Metal, not afraid to slow down the tempo, use very instrumental performances with clear female voices! The band uses cello, contrabss and other classic instruments and makes their music sound even Progressive at some points. Yet the band brings me in that special mood I am longing for in Black Metal, certainly on a night it’s cold again, snow drops out of the sky…


The raspy vocals of UmbrA fits this music very well. The German lyrics don’t bother me at all and even empowers that dark mood Nebelkrähe is looking for. Even leads are foreseen and believe me if I say they’re pretty good too, emotional played. Yes, Nebelkrähe is a very good Black Metal band, containing very good musicians! This is the kind of band you need to be convinced of Black Metal! I really enjoyed this album and it will be one I will keep in mind for all winter nights I will know for the rest of my life! 



The front cover should have been more attractive and I believe it was a wrong choice not using an attractive front cover. I didn’t had a clue, when I took this one out of the post package, this was all about a fantastic Black Metal band that dares to cross boundaries of Progressive lines. Seldom seen in Black Metal, a band I will keep my eyes on!


My Points: 90 / 100