(Review by Officer Nice)

Another release I was looking forward to, nevertheless the previous albums were disappointing to me. I have always been a big fan from Warrel Dane and this since the Sanctuary albums were released, records that are without any doubt godlike in the history of Heavy Metal. I even heard Sanctuary is back again, unbelievable what I am hearing these days when we talk about reunions but I am not complaining. I have never forgiven the fact Sanctuary disbanded a few days before I would face them on stage but I’ve learned to live with it… In between the last album from Nevermore that really blew me away (“Dead heart in a dead world”) and this newbie Warrel Dane also released a solo-album which was very strong. And so I have some kind of hate/love relationship with Warrel Dane’s career because he can be so ‘out of this world’ and you should take these words in all possible ways.  

Anyway I was offered a copy of the new album but I refused to make an upload because I am 100% against illegal downloading. It doesn’t stop me from making this review because I know many people are curious how the new record sounds. Secondly strong releases deserve a review on our website! After multiple listens I am already convinced this new Nevermore album will end very high in my year list! No disappointments this time, only the driving force inside myself to keep listening to “The Obsidian Conspiracy”. 

Nevermore and especially Warrel Dane are on their best when they mix overwhelming arrangements with emotional elements. What they’ve done in albums like “Dreaming Neon Black” and “Dead Heart In A Dead World” was unseen in our movement and their unique sound was innovating in the Metal scène. It was mostly impossible to label the band, their creative minds touched many souls and originality was one of their strongest points and the band produced multiple catchy songs. On “Enemies Of Reality” those specialties disappeared, the re-mastered version couldn’t hide the mistakes the band made right then. On “This godless endeavor” there was light, no enlightenment... 

And now? Nevermore touches my soul again and I am prepared to even sell it to the devil to own this release! Dane is back again with his ultra emotional vocal lines and Jeff Loomis’ guitar solos are so touching, so god damn beautiful, played with so much emotions. It feels like the band re-reformed their self to Nevermore again, the technical and Progressive whatever kind of band!  

The strong points of the masterpieces I’ve mentioned before are back and you will discover plenty of elements we already know from back then. Does that mean Nevermore lost its originality and repeats itself? No, not in my opinion because – although their unique melodic and technical sound is back – once again new things can be discovered.? Nevermore is often experimental – sometimes even lunatic – and plays ‘on safe’ for big parts but to me it is all done on a beautiful way! Nevermore is more musical than on the last two albums and this is just how I like the band. The songs are complex but the red lines are more obvious than before, making this album stronger again! Heavy loaded and difficult mid tempo Thrash is mixed with acoustic semi ballads that will easily make you dream away. A song like “She Comes In Colors” is the perfect example and reminds me strongly to “Deconstruction” which is in my opinion one of the best Metal songs ever written! 

It’s very hard to point the best tracks and Nevermore released once more an album you will keep on listening to until you breathe your last breath… I realize the album will need several spins and many people will be critical at first. The enlightening will come and once you’ve reached that point you’ll be satisfied, even be in some kind of trance! The limited edition contains two covers, from The Doors and The Tea Party and although I haven’t heard them I am suite sure they will be worth spending some extra bucks. A masterpiece in every possible way! Agree or disagree, I don’t care but the album deserves an almost perfect rate… 

My Points: 96 / 100