(Review by Stefan)

New Eden is formed back in 1993 by guitar shredder Horacio Colmenares (ex-Steel Prophet). My first contact with these American dudes was with the release of their debut album entitled "Through The Make Believe"... That day I bought this one, I truly was in a state of total euphoria. I was really proud being the owner of such a wonderful piece of US Metal! As soon as came home, I dropped this silver shining disc into my CD player and pushed the start button right on ... what I felt the next 45 minutes was unique, for me the ultimate US Metal thrill. Hooked on USM since the early 80's and heard a lot of other greats as well but New Eden's way of US Metal sounded over-the-top, excellent, brilliant...this was an output where speed velocities meets power actions and technical skills all over the way!

Singer Viktor Vaca sung surprising, kinda unique but full forced and balanced... axemen Colmenares and DeLucie's guitars roared very professional and especially technical to the bone. Drummer in charge those days Brian Craig delivered the best of the best and all appreciation too for N. Andi, the drummer of the band. Sentinel Steel Records took the initiative in itself to brought out this item in full glory. Year of the release was 1997, we're more than one decade further now and this high-appreciated output still takes my breath away. To me one of the best US Metal albums ever!

What followed wasn't that nice to hear...except for brainchild of the band Horacio Colmenares, the rest of the New Eden camp decided to leave the ranks and formed Destiny's End and that was a hard pill to swallow. With all respect for the excellent works Destiny's End delivered to the world of US Metal but a band like New Eden that just released such a wonderful like "Through The Make Believe'' seemed to end up but that was a wrong thought. Grandmaster Horacio's search for new musicians went very well, a while ago he found some 'skilled To The Bone', well fitted guys hooked on US Metal and ready to deliver. Most impressive newcomer was the almighty James Rivera who took over all vocal duties of Victor Vaca in a very playful manner, unfortunately James wasn't heard on one single New Eden Album. He teamed up with a few guys and made Destiny's End alive and kicking.

"Obsure Master Plan", the second effort of New Eden came out in1999 through Nuclear Blast Records. Once again, a very nice US Metal album but nevertheless did not really reached the level of their predecessor. It was an excellent and joyful effort for all those into US Power Metal but the 'finishing touch' to make it all as perfect as "T.T.M.B." wasn't there. Nevertheless, "Obscure Master Plan" is still a fave of mine!

Five years later on, next level was reached in the New Eden ranks...Mr. Rick Mythiasin, the excellent vocalist of bands like Steel Prophet, Taraxacum and Mythiasin joined forces with New Eden and that was a good shot. Singers like Rick Mythiasin, damn right... that's my favourite way of acting. This guy had proved several times he's a world-class singer. Loud and clear, powerful as can be AND its high-pitched 'shrieks' are deadly. Rick's voice goes straight through straight through flesh and bone. "Stagnant Progression'' saw the light of day in 2004 through P&P Records and every US Metal fan was satisfied with the result. My opinion: This album was sounded better than "Obscure Master Plan" but didn't reach the quality of debut, killer album "Through The Make Believe".

German Record label Rock It Up Records came on with the idea to re-release "Stagnant Progression" and that's an awesome job! The difference between the previous version and this new '2007' release is that the album sounds much better to me. Plus, besides the ten original songs (running time: 60 minutes!), we are spoiled with three bonus tracks...actually demo songs from 1999 and these are just fantastic. Typical US Power Metal with roaring and screaming guitars...magnificent clean, high pitched but straight from the heart cutting, such songs taking my breath away. Deadly Blessing, early Vicious Rumors / Helstar or Cauldron Born fans, check it out!!

A lot happened inside the New Eden ranks the last few years...guys that left the ranks while other ones came in asks a lot of re-organization to re-start the whole thing but New Eden's musicianship proves to be strong as a rock and kicked back every time. Three albums so far behind the name of New Eden. I prefer "Through The Make Believe" above the rest but that does not want to say I don't like the others – there’s pretty damn well also! US Metal was has been injected into my veins since a very long time and as long as Im walking planet earth, it'll stay that way...once a US Metal maniac, always... RIGHT!

US Power Metal worshippers, order New Eden's albums as fast as possible because they're able to bring the best of the best which means US METAL, the one and only!! or

My Points: 96 / 100