(Review by Stefan)

I’ve started my own homepage Metal To Infinity a few years ago in hope to get in touch with as much as possible, worldwide musicians / bands. Along with a few long time friends / co-editors, that mission can be considered as pretty successful. With dignity we spread the word of so called legendary acts but we have a heart pounding for less known formations as well. To many to list them all, just take a trip across our pages and make up your own mind!

fact is that last week, another promo CD touched down – it was the debut effort from a Boston based female guitar player named Nili Brosh. Entitled “Through The Looking Glass” – this is a must-have for all those longing for shred guitar tactics pure as can be! No doubt about – Nili is a natural born guitar goddess loaded with extremely awesome skills all offered with the most highly appreciating forms of technique. At age 20 she hooked up with other Stu Hamm (Vai, Satriani), Guthrie Govan (Asia), the almighty Joe Stump and Andy Simmons (Danger Danger) who also guests on “Through The Looking Glass”. Nili’s brother Ethan also appears as a superior guest musician playing his classical guitar moves on a very high level. Nili Brosh, meanwhile graduated artist (Berklee College Of Music Boston) was ready to release a debut CD which officially saw daylight on November 16 – 2010 as an independent product. In my opinion, nine songs which speak to the imagination of all those who like Rock / Metal music in a shred guitar way!

Be a witness of nine fully instrumental tracks started with ‘The House Of Tomorrow’… short work but played with a lot of technique and atmospheric emotions – an opener that kills right away! ‘Lost In Suburbia’ starts to play and I raise my volume nearly to the maximum… pure melodic and reminiscent to greats like Joe Satriani, Ty Oliver and Tommy Merry this one makes me dream away. ‘Hat Tricks’ has a fusion / jazzy character which isn’t my alley at all. I can dig all the magical finger moves with a lot of respect but that’s it. The title track sounds so beautiful and full of emotional loaded - outstanding, world class melodies to make me screaming out loud! ‘Wafer’ does reminds me of legendary Eddy Van Halen / Vai or Satriani ways of guitar picking. Great up tempo Hard Rocking work, on board I hear some progressive slices and while hearing guest musician named Mr. Andy Timmons starts to shred, I barely get a cardiac arrest but the best has yet to come…


Next ‘Never Be Enough’ is my absolute favourite song – OH MY GOD seems to be the most fair expression for myself. I’ve played this song over and over again – I can’t get enough of all the technical / magical skills and the loads of superb melodic guitar parts in the vein of Iron Maiden… awesome! But don’t leave before you’ve heard the last song people – ‘Typsy Gypsy’ is another hard-hitting, pure guitar driven song again played with so many forms of technical moves. Besides the overwhelming guitar tricks, you should listen very closely to the impressive drums and bass works as well. Total perfection is nearby!


The only thing left to say is that I'm completely pleased with Nili Brosh’ debut effort “Looking Through The Glass’. Releasing a very first album this way out allows me to say that the future for this young aged guitar queen looks very, very promising. Shred guitar maniacs on the prowl for a thrill – stop by at Nili’s homepage at


My Points: 92  / 100