NO SIGN OF LIFE - EMBRACE YOUR DEMONS (Mighty Music / Target Distribution)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

No Sign Of Life gives a sign, directly from out of Finland. This seems to be a trio, containing a vocalist, drummer and a bass-guitar player. And the guitar player? Hello? Ow, thereís no full member in the band for the axes? Excuse me. A man is hired? Aha, I just read he listens to the name of Teemu Liekkal. Actually three people are hired? One for the additional guitars and one for the acoustic guitars as well? Strange, bizarre,Ö I donít know what to think but let me judge the music.


Anyway this label or band offered me a full CD, including a great booklet. The front cover gives me the feeling I will hear a modern Metal band and Iím not that far away. No Sign Of Life is the kind of band that works further on the basic tunes of a band like Pantera but isnít ashamed to add up-to-day sounds into their music. Take the vocals for example, from clean and emotional all over aggressive grunts. Also musical wise the band links different genres, at some points technical played Thrash, at other points the band makes me think to for example Sentenced. Here and there some industrial touches are weaved between the arrangements from whom I can say they often comes close to all those modern Death Metal formations.


So, No Sign Of Life stands for a mixture of subgenres and the modern production of this release empowers my thoughts about this band. Thanks to what these guys are performing I see clearly that theyíre out to invent an own sound. I think they succeeded in reaching that goal although leaving the grunts away would have attracted me more. The guitar riffs, along with powerful basic lines by drums and bass guitar, are really convincing. And yes, the song writer knows how to put atmosphere into the performances although I am convinced the band needs to work harder on this point! Often the guitars made me think of Pathos, the Swedish Metal band? Means nothing to you? Well, if you would give their ten years old latest release a spin you would understand what I mean. It was a bomb, believe me! Unfortunately this band seems to be vanished. Nevertheless in a track like ďBehind The ScenesĒ I hear thereís a bright future in this band.


I hear a try-out to put melody on hard hitting riffs and a band that tries to be exclusive in what theyíre doing. Some more emotions, more leads and to me a total album with clean vocals would helped me out rating this release much higher. Iím not in all those modern touches, although they add something special and thatís what I miss. Itís no coincidence the band is at its best just on those parts where they calm down or clean voices are used. But, as Iíve said before there are possibilities with No Sign Of Life, band that contains good musicians and a song writer that will grow during the next years. Check them out at


My Points: 80 / 100