OCTOBER RAGE - OUTRAGE (Head First Entertainment)


                           (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

October Rage hails from down under, New South Wales to be precise, and ‘Outrage’ is their debut album, originally released in 2011. I guess that Head First Entertainment was signed to spread the music of October Rage on a much larger scale. Well, it’s in Europe right now, and however the songs are originally recorded around October 2011, I believe that this is only the beginning of this bands breakthrough. This Eastern state of Australia has a lot of things to offer like Sydney, Blue Mountains, Lake Mungo National Park and for those that are into hardrock with a melancholic edge October Rage.

It was my first acquaintance with this band, and the name suggested a more furious and hard driven edge, but that’s totally misplaced. October Rage starts their debut album with the ‘Lords Of Wyrd’, which is an intro of 1 minute with no essential value. I really wonder what’s the deeper meaning of these sound patches that are used much too often. Let’s skip to the real first track ‘Set You Free’, which has much more to offer as it’s a rampant track! Every part, every piece just fits together as it should be. The vocals of Nick Roberts, are additional to the riffing of Josh Gilbert, while brother William Roberts is pounding his bass strings.

Alan Toka is the man behind the drums and he’s hitting them real hard, but all in all in an appropriate way. This track is the perfect opener for a band like October Rage, as it reflects the capacity of the band and it has a very good overview of what’s going to happen. Before the release of this album, the band entered the studio to record a single, and that track ‘Silver Line’ feature this album as well. They gained a lot of recognition which resulted in the opening spot for Bon Jovi and in front of a 50.000 enthusiastic audience. Besides some heavy rocking tracks, we also get to hear some ballads and rather slower tunes, which reduce the speed of the album. Some tracks reminds me on Nickelback, while others refer to bands like Shinedown and Alter Bridge. Not too bad names to be compared with…

If the band is aiming on a heavier, yet melodic approach, while increasing the ballads and slow tunes, this might become the next big highlight. If they want to continue on a sluggish style, they will maintain as a good rock’n roll band with some heavy influences. It’s their choice, but I prefer the heavier material..  https://www.facebook.com/octoberrage 

My rating:  80 / 100