(Review by Officer Nice)

Looking at the band pictures I have no doubt this is a true Metal band! Often I see pictures of new so called Metal bands, I’d rather think they’re another boys band instead. Okay, Metal is about the music but too often this musical subculture is abused by the big labels to pick some easy money, under the flag of Metal. I admit leather and spikes are not 'hot' anymore but I prefer this above some gays wearing pink shirts, trying to make us believe they’re ‘Metal’…

That Omission is an extreme Metal band is no secret. Looking at those pictures the misunderstanding could be they play Black Metal but they don’t. This is more an extreme kind of Thrash, influenced by the old school although the boundaries with Black Metal and often Death Metal are very thin. That Omission is a Satanic band, is no secret either… These guys are heading from Spain, a country where Metal lives, without any doubts. This is by the way the band's third effort!

From the beginning until the end Omission delivers hard hitting Thrash Metal in which powerful arrangements are the driving force. Constantly the tempo is high and Omission doesn’t fear to use superfast drums. Leads are foreseen and to be honest they aren’t that bad at all. Omission isn’t the highest qualitative band and constantly I have the feeling they could be far better. Maybe they're  too much focused on the speed and brutality. I hardly hear melodic lines, or call it recognizable lines, choruses and refrains that make the listener sing along. I suppose it's not their goal, but it made Slayer etc. big! Nevertheless Omission uses great riffs, superb double bass drums and an overdose of aggression, the kind I can highly appreciate. Tracks like "At Last We Will Have Revenge" are more mid-tempo, seduces me more. In general Omission makes me think of Exciter in some kind of overdrive, to old school Destruction or Kreator, in a Black Metal bath… No doubt this is headbanging stuff, braincracking even!

Fans of the harsher kind of Thrash Metal should really check this band out. Not as technical as for example Sadus or Sacrifice but at least as extreme. Brutality, Satanism, old school Thrash, spikes and gun belts, painted faces, offering a maiden on a grave… Ommision has it all and offers what the old school generation wants, what the youngsters want to discover. Therefore I believe in the future of the band. Check them out at

My Points: 79 / 100