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                                  (Review by Stefan)

One of my first Progressive Metal albums ever bought was "When Dream And Day Unite" from Dream Theater. Released through  MCA Records, Inc. / Mechanic Records back in 1889, this work was a masterpiece definitely ! Back in the dyas, I wasn't that familiar with this gem called Progressive Metal... it was a style of music which brought its own character with itself. Turning back to Dream Theater, I'd like to call these guys as the ultimate pioneers of this genre. 

"WDADU" was my first Prog album and had such an impact on my heart and soul, I'd like to tell you all that it's still one of my favourite pieces in the field of numerous other bands those belonged to the Progressive Metal movement. Singer back then was Charlie Dominici that was replaced by James LaBrie later on. Dream Theater brought out uncountable records with him, but to me and to be straight..."When Dream And Day Unite" stays my number one! 

But what the hell has this all about to do with a band like Outworld? First there was Dream Theater, more than one decade and a half a new outfit impresses me so damn great...it's difficult to describe but Outworld is a band with such kinda talented musicians in its ranks, this is a phenomenal formation that goes an insured future for sure! US Prog / Power Metal where words are shortage to shoot, excellent to the core! Wonderful vocals of Kelly Sundown Carpenter, he goes really high but unfortunately left the band for unknown reasons to me.
Anyway, what he presents on Outworld's self-titled debut album is awesome! A singer with a world class pair of oxygen-breathing pipes. I hear the new Outworld frontman is calling Zema, a guy that hails us all from sunny Brazil. We'll have to wait for a second Outworld album to hear how good he really is but I believe in the choices of the band. I'm sure Zema will be the right person to replace his former brother. A great singer surrounded by well skilled musicians, that's what makes a band really attractive and that is exactly the way it goes within the Outworld camp. 

Nothing but fantastic musicians such as Rusty Cooley. When he starts to pull his strings, you'll be surrounded by many, magical movements. This guys is loaded with so much, overwhelming skills… my heart barely stops pounding. One of the best guitarist at the moment who has also a solo project going on by the name of Rusty Cooley. Better check it out if you're looking to be thrilled! Bobby Willamson is in charge giving the band's music a special atmosphere with his keyboard. Keyboards are not my favourite instrument in Metal songs but the way Bobby plays... I have to take a revision of that standpoint I guess. Great musician anyway! 

Shawn Kascak's bass lines and Matt McKenna's hard-hitting drum works bring the best of the best. So, the only thing to express my inner feelings on Outworld is to let my heart speak and it tells me that this is simply the best Prog / Power Metal band at the moment. No matter what others may say, this is my opinion and I goddamn refuse to step back from it. Magnificent song structures, awesome sound quality, the foundations of each one of the songs are terrific,... what else can I say than to recommend this pearl to all those into Power as well as Progressive Metal mainly, and guitar minded maniacs looking out for the extremely THRILL would be define this release as their 'cup of tea'!

The good news is to hear the band is working on a second album with newcomer Zema. I'm completely curious for Outworld's next attack, waiting till the recordings are done is the only way out to see what its gonna be. My believe in the band Outworld is extremely strong, let that be clear !  
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My Points: 97 / 100