PAGAN ALTAR - JUDGEMENT Of THE DEAD (Cruz Del Sur/Sonic Rendezvous)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

Another re-release for Pagan Altar of an old album. After “The Time Lord” this is the second re-release in a row by Cruz Del Sur but to be honest we’re still waiting for a new album. Will it be released soon? We can only hope for it.

The NWOBHM icons, Godfathers of the occult kind of Doom Metal really need no introduction but the old school fans won’t hear big differences between this one and the original. The front cover has been updated, is made more attractive but for the rest you will hear what Pagan Altar really all is about.

Fans from the first hour and Metal heads who are interested in this kind of late Seventies, early Eighties NWOBHM can blindfolded purchase this release. Tracks like “Judgement Of The Dead”, “Night Rider” and “The Dance Of The Banshee” still has that special kind of effect on you, still makes the listener make a trip to memory lane.

To order this old gem you should surf to Obscure, occult and Doom packed in a CD that breathes everything that has been inspiring for the entire Heavy Metal scène. Up to the real new stuff now!

My Points: 82 / 100