(Review by Officer Nice)

Pagan Altar needs no introduction anymore. The band exists too long to be introduced to die hard Metal fans and the lost months we paid attention to this band because of some re-releases. The band definitely deserves the label of one of the ground founders of Doom Metal, pioneers in other words and their occult status is wanted in the underground True Metal scŤne. Itís the kind of band you need time for, you want to hear at the right moments, the kind of band that will please you because of that specific dark atmosphere.

ďMythical & MagicalĒ says it all... This album contains tracks that were written in the late Seventies, early Eighties but were re-recorded in 2005 and 2006. Itís anyway an Epic, enigmatic piece of art that fans of old school Heavy Metal should adore. Itís a travel to good old memory lane and the band did everything to hold that particular aged sound, making them sound so heavenly occult. Black masses, witches, black crows, druids, dark lordsÖ do you get the picture? Add the brand of Pagan Altar and all what Seventies and early Eighties Metal was all about, talking about that specific sound from that era in which the tracks were written, just awesome!

Pagan Altar also adds some folk into their music and although Iím not exactly a fan of Folk Metal I really like what I hear. Overall Pagan Altar stays a  traditional Doom influenced NWOBHM band with very unique vocals. Their sinister, murky sound exists because of these specific ingredients.  Fantastic, call it superb, leads from a guitar player who knows perfectly how to make a riff or solo emotional. Fans of Tony Iommi should be satisfied hearing this, awaiting the upcoming Black Sabbath record. Father and son Jones wrote a classic album in this genre and this re-release is perfect to get connected to the band. The fact this one was re-recorded makes the production sounds fresh, nevertheless itís clear this band is so old.

As far as I know some new work is heading our way although it takes a long time if you would ask me. Iím really curious to hear new songs but with the re-releases by Cruz Del Sur we can go further for a time. Pagan Altar keeps their Ė musical wise spoken - leading role in this genre, although they will never reach the big crowd. I suppose fans of NWOBHM are obliged to spend their money on it! They wonít care to take the mysterious trip into the dark depths of Heavy Metalís history.

My Points : 90 / 100