PERTNESS - FROZEN TIME (Pure Legend Records / H'Art)


                              (Review by Officer Nice)

What a killer riff to start an album! I’m immediately focused! And what a cool front cover! Pertness is from Switzerland and delivers their third album. Actually these guys were formed in 1993 but it took until 2008, don’t ask me why, to release their first album. Officially they are announced as a Power Metal band but in my opinion they are more…

That specific killer riff, from the title track, could come out of a Testament record and thanks to the vocals of Tom Schluchter Pertness does remind me of Testament, especially in the choruses. This singer combines low ranged clear vocals with brutality, without any form of exaggerating. Nevertheless I have to admit Power Metal is the right word we can use but this very good produced album crosses the boundaries of other sub-genres, Thrash Metal, Death and even Folk Metal. What’s in a word anyway, Pertness delivers just a good album!

Another band that easily crosses my mind is Angel Dust, one of the better German bands to me. Maybe the truth is closer now although labelling a band like this one isn’t such a great idea! Anyway Pertness worked hard to innovate and the arrangements are well tasted. This is the kind of CD that demands more spins, not because the music is too hard to understand but just because those well-chosen rhythms are obliging me to. Pertness is able to bring variety into their songs, the consequences are clear: this is very good Metal, with a big “M”. Pertness is even bombastic at some points, listen to “Cold Wind Of Death” for example, a very interesting track. The variety lies in and between the songs and Pertness should keep on following this path!

Awesome played twin guitars, a heavy loaded bass guitar and hard hitting drums are forming the stability of this album. The varied powerful vocals and awesome leads are refreshing the sound anyway. This band has a bright future if you would ask me and I suppose they’re able to convince lots of fans who demand a traditional sound with innovating passages. Check them out at

My Points: 86 / 100