(Review by Officer Nice)

Greece is one of the leading Metal countries! Not only do they succeed in inviting tons of great bands to their beautiful land, lots of Greek band releases albums. Mostly we can discover old school traditional Heavy Metal bands, here and there some Progressive Metal bands. I admit Greece contains superb musicians, is it in their blood or because of that beautiful blue sea?

Mastermind behind this project is Sypros Papdakis. Heís a Metal fan but in his biography I noticed heís also fanatic about soundtracks from Hans Zimmer and Vangelis. This kind of influences made him create this EP in which theatrical elements are playing a major role. Constantly this lad creates some colossal atmosphere, trying to combine what he adores from his idols. He mixes good melodic lines with dark melodies and although you can consider this as Progressive Metal the skills arenít the most essential.

What is important on this EP are tracks that take the listener by the throat and in which cold shivers arenít exceptional. But, to be honest, the effect on the listener is especially a result of those melodramatic created arrangements and fantastic leads. Iím listening to an EP which contains 4 good songs, all foreseen from good Ė yet no exceptional Ė female vocals. Thatís probably the reason why After Forever, Epica etc. cross my mind although fans of Ayreon will also feel satisfied.

This is a very promising band but in my opinion a front woman might not be the best option. Musical wise this is a fantastic band, the singer is very good but I miss something that could lift up the band to a higher level. But who am I after all? Good release from a band we need to keep looking for in the future. Check

My Points: 84 / 100