(Review by Officer Nice)

Killer Metal Records slowly became a ‘name’ in the True Metal scène. This label released some great productions before. The brain behind this label knows what good Heavy Metal is all about and it isn’t a coincidence also some fantastic American bands are under contract. This is a German label and so it seems logic that bands, that are active under the surface of this world wide Metal scène, deserves fair chances on this label.

Predatory Violence is a band that is hardly known although they are releasing CD’s since 2006. Their last two efforts are released by Killer Metal Records and that proves this company really believes in the band.

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the German Thrash bands. Although history proves that the German Thrash Metal scène was important for the entire worldwide Heavy metal scène ‘an sich’ only a few tracks and bands could make me wild. I’m into American thrash, that’s no secret. Yet Predatory Violence delivers a great album and the heavy production, killer riffs and the overload of aggression on this CD is breathtaking. Predatory Violence doesn’t give the listener any rest and a wall of sound is heading your way! This is Thrash Metal ‘pur sang’ which is impossible to deny! Predatory Violence is as above strong enough to play some arrangements that left me behind with eyes wide shut!

Predatory Violence delivers the more harsh kind of Thrash but the musicians are good enough to write great songs, variable and with enough tempo changes and hooks. Predatory Violence is the kind of Thrash for fans of Kreator, Destruction etc. but is strong enough to be compared with bands like Defiance and Xentrix too. Remember Sixty-Nine of Belgium? Also this band crossed my mind more than once although predatory Violence is more mature, more professional in other words! A good release that is full of headbanging stuff! Check them at

My Points: 79 / 100