(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Another surprise from the UK! This time, it’s called Promethium, and the five dudes of this band hail from the area of Lancaster/Morecambe, way above Liverpool and Manchester. They started around 2007 with members that played in Desolate, Skin Crawl and Natural Thing before. The recording of this debut album happened with Fraser on drums, but I believe that he’s replaced afterwards by Andy Richmond, and nowadays they team up with a dude called Allan Gardener.  Same story with their bass player; the recordings took place with Wayne Wanger Ward, who is replaced by Barry Mills (known from the Massive Wagons, a UK rock band). The whole thing about the lineup changes since the recording and this review is rather easy. The album was released in 2010, but arrived on our desk at the end of 2012. Anyway, Promethium is a very promising band, so it doesn’t really matter when things were released and reviewed, as long as they get the attention that they deserve!

Promethium released an EP ‘Tribute To The Fallen’ in 2009, which contained 4 songs. All four of them (Tribute To The Fallen /  Visions / Nothing / Trapped)  also feature the debut album! So, let’s take a look at that debut album ‘Welcome To The Institution’, released by Casket Records.

The first track is an instrumental intro, followed by the track ‘Visions’, which evokes a very NWOBHM influence from the very first moments. The vocals of Gary Mcgahon are rather limited, but fit to the style of Promethium. Fans of Tygers Of Pan Tang, Weapon, Diamond Head, AIIZ and so on might be pretty pleased with this output. The sound is a bit dated, but that’s not bad as it gives a good live feeling.  The more I listened to this album, the more I got into the songs on it, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. The only comment that I can give is the total playing time of 36 minutes, which is rather unusual these days. I guess, it was all a matter of money… The debut album is divided in 10 tracks, and every song has its own twist and vibe. Track 4, called ‘Nothing’ has a very subdued start, but when the chorus approaches, the band switches into higher gear. This track has a lot of power and the chorus line lingers on for a few hours. Great song! !  “Tribute to The Fallen” is the next track, and again we are more than enthusiastic about the efforts that this band from England delivers! The vocals of Gary are really into the music and his voice is really remarkable, although not grandiose.

I’ve heard some rumors that this band is, at this moment in the recording phase of their next, second, album, so I’m really looking forward if they evolved through the years. Promethium is a band with a lot of potential, this first album was a good move, and I do hope that they will keep up the good work in the near future! If they are capable to bring their music, as smooth and with the perfect attitude on a stage, they might be the next big thing from the UK!  So, keep your eyes and ears open for the second attack early 2013! 

My rating:  86 /100