(Review by Stefan)

Psychogeneration is a five piece, dark and sinister project from the coast side of Belgium named Ostend. Originally formed in 2005 as a Metalcore act but unfortunately, it did not go as planned. They played only one, according to the band’s own statement, memorable concert… the core fell apart although, bassist, guitar player and drummer decided to search for a second axeman and new singer. Psychogeneration had plans to do something different than they were used to do before. They wanted to keep the band name intact, the style of music would be a very different turn called Gothic Rock/Metal. The new line-up of the band consists out of Rock Circus and Pure Kult members mainly, there is a guy active from Belgian Heavy Metal giants Powerstone as well!


To start a new project on a specific concept asks for a whole lotta inspiration – in the case of Psychogeneration, well they will take us all on a journey through the dark worlds of psychopaths. A concept including five storylines perfectly adapted to each other. The intention is to create two albums per storyline, each CD loaded with 10 songs so if you don’t lost the count, they will end up with at least - 100 songs!


Psychogeneration just unleashed part one entitled “The Rise Of Jonatan Brofist” – a ten song effort about the life of Natan, the anti-hero who felt inclined to create very serious action to proceed… mental actions in the form of serial murders. Listening to “The Rise Of Jonatan Brofist” allows me to experience the life of Natan myself, this is the ultimate battle between good and evil. Someone who becomes traumatized during his poor childhood, one led to another and we all know, when you got lost all control in your head… life can bring unexpected things! It’s not my intention to discuss all about that right now, instead you have the right to hear my words on the band’s style of music, right!


A few days ago, I did the discussion for the band Mongrel who likes to bring on their stuff in a Punk Rock, not my personal alley for sure. I wrote the review by following my heart, the only way out for us, reviewers. It wasn’t easy to do and it won’t be easy to discuss the new Psychogeneration album as well. I immediately like to mention that these guys’ have nothing to do with Mongrel’s style, this time you have to swallow Dark/Gothic Rock and Metal music with an Industrial touch. I have a little more appreciation for this type of music but have to admit, it’s all too modern for me, honestly speaking! I appreciate the fact that the music is well adapted to the concept. If you know the background of the album, you get directly involved in the story about Natan. The band has worked out a specific concept and meaning for myself fully succeeded in their intent regarding the creation of the matching music. “The Rise Of Jonatan Brofist” radiates a constant feel of darkness while evil and danger always lurks from behind. 


People who like to get their rush by the hand of industrial, doom minded Gothic-New Wave and Progressive Rock/Metal music better can check out Psychogeneration. A Belgian band with a clear vision about the balance between good and evil, two facts in life where the boundary lies far from each other. Reportedly, they have a spectacular live show to offer so a night out in front of a Psychogeneration stage would be something special you won’t soon forget. Watch, if you dare:  To end up finally, a nice quote from the band: “Who is responsible for the weeds as we sow the seed itself”!


My Points: 55 / 100