From Seattle/USA a band called Queensryche surprised the Metal movement in 1983. For the first time progressive notes were heard in our music and along with Fates Warning they discovered a new subgenre...Progressive Metal. Not that this specific term was used in those days but everybody could hear that these bands used different and fresh sounding tunes. It were these innovative musicians who formed the cornerstones, next to Crimson Glory and Heir Apparent, for the success of Dream Theater a few years later. It was Dream Theater who made Progressive Metal immense popular and named it officially a style.


The history of Queensryche takes off with one of the most amazing and fundamental songs in our history, 'Queen Of The Reich'. It gave the world the chance to hear for the very first time the extreme high and unusual notes Geoff Tate sang, a unique singer with an exclusive voice. I saw the video clip of this song at You Tube, I can advise you to take a look.


In the entire story of the band Geoff Tate have played a remarkable role. He helped to give the band a status of 'top quality'. His kind of creative vocals were never heard in that era and astonished the world. The clearance, the power, the restricted high screams are after all these years still 'out of space'. Admit that it gives an enormous kick when you hear him shout 'Queen of the REEEIICHH'!


Another important member was Chris DeGarmo, the main song writer who lifted Queensryche to an exclusive level. With a pure Metal attitude he wrote uncountable ground-breaking songs, pioneering tunes that will last forever. His amazing fast fingered guitar plays were exceptional and it's still a shame this man left the band many years after. Along with the other members he built further on the traditional way of playing Heavy Metal but he made the music sound more difficult, more intellectual.


Talking about the EP we can hear five superb songs. Next to the influential opener I am fond of all the other tracks but allow me to call 'The Lady Wore Black' another favorite song. Not only because of the beautiful refrain but also because it was exclusive and original in those days I have a special feeling for it. It showed the direction Queensryche would follow for several years, a way of making Heavy Metal sound strange and beautiful. The first proof of my statement is ''The Warning'', an album we will talk about in another review.


The release of the EP was the start of hyping Queensryche. The band received overwhelming reviews and pretty soon a big fan base was formed. In my point of view Queensryche deserved all this respect and since this EP they took a leading role in the scene.


My Points: 99 / 100