(Review by Stefan)

We at Metal To Infinity are bonded by the forces of US Heavy Metal since more than two decades. Quite a long time but we won't give up giving support to this adorable style of music. Looking back to all these years of US Metal pleasure, we saw uncountablebands who teamed up with this movement, unfortunately we also experienced that groups called it quits after a while but that's life you know. The one disappeared whereas another band popped up... I'm afraid, it'll be always that way!

So, by this I'm very honoured spreading the word of a new US Metal band named Rachels Coven, four guys hailing us from West Virginia. Jason Corrick (guitars), Steve Riedel (bass) and John Nowak (drums) played together in a cover band before but decided to something 'more real and original', to create own songs was their mission to complete. Vocalist / keyboardist / guitar player Bill McKeen teamed up with these guys...later on, the band Rachels Coven was officially formed in 2006...they were ready to deliver their own style of Metal to the world.

About Rachels Coven style, I can tell you all with extreme conviction...they're very good in its genre which is actually a genre I'd like to call US Heavy Metal, played in the old school 'Classic' tradition. Damn, their self-titled debut album ensures that blood runs through my veins very exciting...9 songs on it makes me feel real good. My desire to US Metal is extremely and this band fits perfectly in my own so called 'list of caressed Metal outfits' from now on!

I'd like to describe RC as a very well skilled unity, mainly influenced by the eighties...also some Progressive Metal slices to be also audible. Sometimes dark atmospheres to show up, brilliant singer who's the owner of a warm and strongful voice with a widerange...watch out for many salvo's of 'guitar shred' passages coming your way out to take you on a journey where 'flaming Metal systems' reign. Also, the guitar riffs to sound in perfect harmony with the rest. I'm not a die-hard fan of keyboards but the manner Rachels Coven's use this instrument do not annoy me at all because they make no abuse of it. The key lines has been placed more in the background in my opinion which Iím actually glad with.

'Night Flyer' opens the CD in style...old school minded guitar riffs, outstanding / kinda melancholic vocals caught my attention right away, just like the brilliant guitar duties. What about drum and bass? No problem at all, these have been very coordinated with the other instruments...perfectly balanced! 'Reign' is one of my faves due to a package of outstanding riffs, superb rhythms and fantastic vocals (in the vein of the almighty Carl Albert!!)... typical US Metal minded song that reminds me of Vicious Rumors. 

'Brand Me' is a blend of low-tempo Hard Rock and Metal', played with a lot power...great song anyway! Jag Panzer fans, paid attention for next track entitled 'How Long'! Bill McKeen's voice pretty close with Jag Panzer's frontman Harry 'The Tyrant' Concklin. Brilliant song played in the 80s Metal tradition... feels good!!

Much variation on the album too - check out next song 'The Call' that breeds a highly appreciated form of heaviness due to powerful-tuned guitars, Megadeth lingers on in my head while listening. 'Scarlet Night' is what I call a mixture of bands like Fifth Angel, Vicious Rumors and Jag Panzer. 'Straight Between The Eyes' is fantastic, up-tempo and typicalUS Metal song that bites on all areas. It breeds power, energy and melody... another highlight of mine for sure! Last one 'The Hunger' opens once again all registers. Mid-tempo rhythms, hard-hitting Metal drums, stamping basslines, roaring axes with finger scorching leads and last but not least outstanding vocals to play a large role to me in the Rachels Coven line-up.

As for a debut US Metal album, I'm totally excited with the final result. Independently released, I hope from the bottom of my heart these guys get some more attention from the outside world. according to myself, US Metal at its best!

My Points: 93 / 100