RATZINGER - 2012 (Independent)


                         (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

‘2012’ is the second full length album of Ratzinger from Chile.The band was formed in 2005 and succeeded in a few years to rise out of the average underground scene. I don’t know how big the metal scene is in Chile, but considering what I hear on ‘2012’, my interest in this South American country is awaken! Ratzinger bring their metal in a thrash metal style, but add a lot of groove as well. Some songs made me think on Soulfly, and especially the Max Cavalera touch!

Opener ‘Make Make’ is a good example of what this band is all about: pumping riffs, dark vocals, inciting approach and with a little sing-along as well. ‘Zeitgeist’ opens with a spoken intro to increase in speed while the track is bursting out into a grooving monster. ‘Global Defect’ is ultra heavy and at full speed including the high pitching guitars like Machine Head used to add. Don’t think that Ratzinger is a copycat of the previous named bands, as they aren’t, but it’s only to give you an idea what this war monster is all about and capable to. The songs are diverse, really interesting and also the lyrics of the songs have something to say. Issues like social problems and terrorism are the perfect feeding floor for Ratzinger to ventilate their dissatisfaction in the world of today. Ivan Vega is the vocalist and guitarplayer of the band, and he gets a lot of back up from second guitarplayer Sebastian Navarro. Francisco and Fabian are taking care of the rhythm section of the band and they all do it with the same passion.

A track like ‘Time Wave Zero’ is much slower but that’s a good resting point for the neck muscles, at least at the beginning of the track, as this one is also bursting out into a track that will please every headbanger. There are also some bonus tracks on ‘2012’ and a few ‘remix’ tracks which results in 15 songs in total. If you have the possibility, take a listen to the last song ‘Just a Dream’, which is limited to a piano only. Unusual but perhaps it defines this band best: expect the unexpected! Keep an eye on this band, as they have the quality to put Chile on the metal map!!

My rating: 86 / 100