(Review by Stefan)

More great talented US Metal coming up with the second album from Illionois based  Metal band Ravensthorn. While surfing on the Internet more than a year ago I had contact with guitar player Greg Verthein, a well skilled US Metal soldier who was able to sent me their first self released effort called "House Of The Damned. It was my first contact with Ravensthorn and first kick in the head, really ! I just met a wonderful US Metal band, highly trained.

As we know from their former album, Ravensthorn plays pure US Metal with a singer in the vein of King Diamond, still I was pretty curious about the follow up. Finally, the package within the "Hauntings And Possessions" CD reached my postal address and I start playing the CD right on. What I heard was nothing more than a brilliant piece of US Metal, just the way Greg told me before. Damn, I was impressed hearing such fantastic form of Classic Heavy Metal music made by four guys, bonded by the forces of purebred American glowing steel. Ravensthorn got exposure from mags, zines, radio stations from all over the world. They’ll take the world of Metal by surprise and proves that US Metal still reign supreme !

We're a few years later now and the guys still rocking on at full force! They signed a deal with German Metal masters Hellion Records a few months ago and that’s nothing but great news. Immediately after signing the contract, the real Metal works started with the making of a new kick ass album entitled "Hauntings And Possessions". Lyrical wise, once again with dark, evil topics sung by Bill Jannusch, charismatic frontman reminiscent of the mighty King Diamond himself. 

Musically, the band developed a stronger sound than before. The awesome character of the present tracks come along with a lot of variation, so no room for boring moments here. Guitarist Greg Verthein's way of playing was awesome on the first Ravensthorn album but all the precious riffs and solo’s offered on the new album to prove he’s better than ever before. His guitar duties seem to be very improved by delivering more sophisticated, more technically skills… awesome ! Unfortunately, bassist Mario Sanchez left the band and replaced by Jeff Taylor who’s able to let roar his bass guitar like thunder from hell. Tony Bar still keep on pounding the drums like he did before, excellent. 

Eight songs packed in a full Metal jacket ready to make your hearts pumping real fast so the blood will stream fast through your veins till achieving its boiling point in the end. Some songs with speedy velocities, a few others fully shine by a more lower tempo, mighty strong and obscure high pitched vocals, outstanding guitar riffs and leads ... be sure, this ain’t no waste of time at all, get ready for a lethal US Metal assault from beginning till the very end. 

If you have a heart for US Heavy Metal music you have no other choice than to check out and purchase Ravensthorn’s “Hauntings And Possessions”… you won’t be disappointed at all !

My Points: 95 / 100