(Review by Stefan)

Upon hearing their demo EP called “Coming Out” I knew almost certainly that New Zealand based Razorwyre one day would emerge with a full length album, at least if they could find a record company to collaborate with. French label Infernö Records offered these youngsters a contract for the release of a brand new album – the company’s CEO named Fab also brought out a cassette-single “Coming Out” last year. Old school Metal lives proudly at the house of Infernö Records so full satisfaction is on my side with the release of Razorwyre’s new album “Another Dimension”.


Damn right this is a great effort – there are eleven new songs on the waiting list and I’d like to warn you that Razorwyre shows no mercy for the weak of false metalheads! It’s their own way of Metal or the highway, in full force the band plays its stuff very admirably. From old school Speed/Thrash Metal to Traditional or New Wave Of British Heavy Metal – if you’re an ardent defender of 80s Metal, Razorwyre is the band you’re looking for - definitely! I really have a wonderful time listening to “Another Dimension” –  this kind of music reminds me of all the great times I’ve experienced myself during the best period in my life, the 80s! For sure, Razorwyre ensures the future of True/Classic Metal.


Thrashing Speed Metal maniacs immediately get value for their money during the first two tracks ‘The Conjuror (Shaman’s Wrath)’ and ‘Knights Of Fire’. In the vein of US Speed Metal veterans Ulysses Siren or Abattoir, adrenaline starts to flow right on. Suitable throat for a Metal band like Razorwyre, clear and high pitched vocals lines – ultra fast guitar riffs, demolition drums and flammable solo’s transforms my amplifier in a big ball of smoking fire… first two songs to sound fantastic! ‘FOBF’ which stands for Fight Or Be Fucked is all about Classic Heavy Metal in the vein of Saxon, Judas Priest featuring awesome high pitched screams and a nice ‘break’ halfway this song. Some early Maiden/Grim Reaper influences on ‘Nightblade’. Choppy guitars like Metallica and Exodus did on their “Kill ‘Em All / Bonded By Blood” killer albums are recognizable during ‘Desert Inferno’ and the great ‘The Fort’ proves once again how good Razorwyre really is – youth gone wild by the forces of Classic Speed / Heavy Metal. ‘Speed Warrior’ feels like Fifth Angel meets Savage Grace… awesome (again).


The production of “Another Dimension” feels really good, not too polished as I like it the most of all. There is also a nice painted (to imaginative) cover artwork reflecting a chained, long-haired Metal maniac which ends up in Another Dimension. Razorwyre’s new album breathes Metal in its purest form and very important/most interesting for myself, as old school as can be. They will play at the 2013 edition of Keep It True Festival in Germany. They will set the stage on fire with their own performance for all those hooked on Classic Heavy-Speed-Thrash Metal in the vein of Abbatoir, Savage Grace, Ulysses Siren, Razor Fist, Bloodlust, Saxon, Priest and stuff. Order at: www.inferno-records.net 


My Points: 90 / 100