REVENGE - RAGE AND REVENGE (Iron Shield Records)


                                     (Review by Stefan)

First and foremost I want old school Heavy and Speed Metal followers to encourage give extra attention for the re-issue of Colombian based Revenge’s “Rage And Revenge” album, officially unleashed back in 2007 through Wicked Kreations. In Medellin City, the place where they were formed in 2002, Revenge has built up a strong reputation as they were playing loads of gigs up there. I’m not familiar with the band but it feels good listening to the re-release of their famous “Rage And Revenge” effort, recently released by German label Iron Shield Records!


To provide an overview of what they have realized in the past I have to take you back into the early days of 2003 and Revenge’s first demo “Infernal Angels” followed by a full length album entitled “Metal Warriors” which was brought out by Dark Music, a legendary Colombian Metal company. As mentioned already, next album “Rage and Revenge” saw daylight in 2007, one year later on they were back with “Bang Your Head”, new album offered in deluxe cases featuring live tracks, a bonus video and more Metal pleasure. Rata Mutante Records brought out this one and became the official label for the band.


Okay, what’s next? Well, Greece label Floga Records and Iron Bonehead Records from Germany released two Revenge albums as 12” vinyl - in Germany a 7” vinyl single came out. New Zealand label Metal prod released a compilation, in 2010 Revenge unleashed a DVD called “Revenge Is Very Good Eaten Cold”, a fifth effort “Metal Is Addiction And Obsession” came across the Colombian and Brazilian Speed/Heavy Metal horizons… now delivering an 80s style of Metal music for a decade, Revenge can be considered as a legend!


Receiving the re-issue of “Rage And Revenge” from Iron Shield Records I could not wait to hear the songs on it.  First I’d like to tell something about the sound quality – some might say that the production sounds quite poor and in some ways, I can deal with that. At the other hand it gives me the same feel I had back then – three decades ago! Raw, not too polished type of recordings… pure 80s style and I still love it. Agree, we’re living in 2012 now and most people like to hear their CD stuff in a full digital way but 80s Metal styled efforts don’t need to be recorded that clean to me. In terms of Revenge, the sound quality is quite poor but  doesn’t bother me at all… it feels like coming home.


Back in the days, the album was totally sold out so to all defenders of 80s Heavy/Speed Metal maniacs – don’t miss this opportunity and order right on at: Make also notice of the fact that this release comes with five bonus live songs capable to convert your room into flame and fire. Revenge’s style of Metal reflects all about 80s Heavy/Speed Metal. It’s good audible which bands have provided the inspiration. I hear influences of both German, UK and US acts like Living Death, Grave Digger, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Ulysses Siren, Hellhound, Savage Grace, Razor Fist, Tyrant’s Reign, Violent Force and stuff. The vocals are mostly very high, sometimes a little beyond the feasibility of Revenge’s frontman… let me say that I’m quite pleased about it.


They will not win a prize for originality but still, I’m flattered by the songs I’m listening to. There is enough variation present as the studio songs pass by and the 5 bonus live songs prove the band’s strength on stage… “Rage And Revenge” pays tribute to a highly valued genre called Classic Heavy/Speed Metal!  Revenge via FaceBook.


My Points: 75 / 100