(Review by Stefan)

From today (January 22 to 2013, the new CD by the American Rivera / Bomma must be available. Follow up to their second album "I Am God", released seven years ago through Belgian label Mausoleum Records, the band is back in business with a new album called "Infinite Journey Of Soul". Released by American label Retroactive Records and produced by the masters themselves named Johnny Bomma & Rod Rivera. "I Am God" received a very good rating from myself, I really praised this effort with all of my heart. They scored high tops thanks to a brilliant singer and scorching impressive guitar solos. Along with this album, the band completely overwhelmed me with a lot of class, I do not know with certainty whether or not this one has successful but basically I lie not wake at night about that. Most important fact, it was (and still is) a killer album to me - a while ago I heard the news of a new, third and meanwhile released new album... I proudly will share my thoughts on the product with all of you as follows...


The current line-up of Rivera/Bomma looks different – bass virtusoso Mike LePond (Symphony X) joined forces just like top-notch skin basher Edward Faust did. Insert here the word-class, strong vocals of J. Bomma (ex-Hades) and the superlative guitar tactics of Rod Rivera. In advance, I knew that this new album would blow me away because I have some kind of a blind faith in these Americans. And yeah, listening to the entire, new album “Infinite Journey Of Soul”, I can proudly say that they’ve not adversely affected my way of trust! I would dare to say that they still have risen in my esteem. Be ready for a journey trough the beautiful landscape of typical US Heavy Metal music!


Available as a professional looking, full coloured digipack – Rivera/Bomma’s new album starts with the intro ‘I.J.O.S.’ which is in fact a small foretaste of all the beauties next to come. During this intro you’ll hear shredder in charge, Mr. Rod Rivera stretching his fingers by phenomenal guitar tactics! Than the titletrack starts to play and my adrenaline is immediately pushed up to the limit. Excellent guitar riffs flirting with incredible beautiful solo’s and oh my God, vocalist JB opens his mouth and I nearly got a cardiac arrest. What a great singer which immediately shows us how a real good frontman have to sound… brilliant! ‘Empty Desire’ is the first official single of the album as can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nevmUs1Ykpo . This song does remind me of 80 US Metal gods Fifth Angel/Impellitteri. Long song ‘In Blood’ brings a blend of good old Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and again, the vocals to offer me a very good time this time singing a bit in the vein of almighty Ski in days of US Metal act Faith Factor… the present progressive touches gives an extra dimension. Please pay attention for the wonderful, overwhelming and super melodic guitar work!


‘Via Dolorosa’ is a nice and easy Hard Rock song used to the sound of early Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force, Black Sabbath’s ‘Crown Of Thorns’ album or even Savatage ‘When The Crowd Are Gone’. And another favourite track of mine is on the way with ‘Angels And Demons’. Fantastic Progressive Power Metal composition and nothing is missing here. Every second is expertly redeemed and proves yet again what a great outfit Rivera/Bomma really is! Fans (like myself) of guitar wizard Yngwie Malsmteen better skip fast to next song ‘Horizon’s End’. This one is my absolute fave ensures the chills walk down my backbone. Vocals that drive me crazy, guitars which satisfy all my desires, amazing song structures including the most enjoyable rhythms, breaks and stuff… actually I can’t find the right words to express my overwhelmed inner feelings! ‘In My Draems’ is the one and only track I can’t get a real grip on. It’s an easy one that can hold my attention up high but I must not worry in fact. ‘The Maker’ makes it all up in style. Magnificent Progressive Power Metal piece alternating with thrashing rhythms, for this type of songs I walk through fire. Fans of US Power Metal on the prowl for very technical guitars and world-class vocals should have ordered this piece right on. One last track to go, ‘Before The End – MMXII (solo)' for the last time enjoy to the fullest of Rod Rivera’s top notch way of guitar picking.


I had the time of my life hearing the entire third Rivera/Bomma album “Infinite Journey Of Soul”. Song focussed, nothing but highlights to me - about the sound quality, I’m rather moderate! Superb Heavy Metal album with progressive leanings, even the fact 2013 just started, I can already tell that this one gets a well deserved place in my personal Top 20 list of favourite albums. I’m sure about that! Must-have for all US Hard Rock/Metal fanatics… order at: http://www.cdbaby.com/all/brutalplanet


My Points: 94 / 100