(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Fans of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Carlos Santana, hereís another one for you! Roger DeCarlo releases Lost Horizon on an independent base and hopes to please the shredders from all over the globe. Roger might be known to those who are familiar with Arachnid, XINR, Bunk Dope, Electric Nutz and Madd Monkey. Born in May, 1960, he raised in the USA and delivered quite some achievement in several bands. But, you all know how it goes, when you are passionate about your guitar, and if you truly want to express your skills, you donít need a vocalist. So, thatís how it comes that Roger recorded this instrumental album to express gratitude to his six strings, presented in 9 tracks. ĎLost Horizoní is that result, and together with Charles Nelson on drums, he entered the Noise Machine Studios in Portland, Oregon, with this disc as final result. They recorded from August Ďtill September 2012, with a release at the end of that year.

Musical wise, we can say that the songs on this album are a mixture between solid heavy rock and a little addition of Heavy Metal. Of course, itís not a head, body, tail situation as there is so much going on, excluding chorus lines and melodic sing-along situations. This is a focus on the guitars, but always having an eye on the arrangement in general. Itís really hard to point out what song is prior on this release, as they all contain a different gem in the arrangement. It all depends on the mood youíre in, and what appeals best for each one personal. Fans of instrumental albums need to check this release, although the production has a little dullness and could have been better, but thatís only a small detail compared with the splendor and beauty of this product!

My rating: 81 /100