SBS - HEAVEN CAN WAIT... (Independent)


                          (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

SBS isn’t the Brazilian “Seduced by Suicide”, but the Lithuanian “Spicy Bits Of Scandal” who were formed around 1979 in Vilnius. I reviewed their second album ‘Tik Menulio Sviesa’ a few years ago, and that review, combined with more info about the history of the band can be found at this location: 

My colleague Stefan wrote a review about   Spicy Bits Of Scandal's  third  album ‘The Gambler’ (check it out  at: ) , so it’s my turn again to check their latest effort ‘Heaven Can Wait’, which can be considered as their 4th. album, although not every release is available worldwide. I was glad to fulfill this task, as the music of SBS brought me already a lot of fun and joy in the past. This new album of SBS has again some new members in the lineup, but it seems like this fresh new blood is not only apposite to the lyrical content of the new album, it also injects new elements in the sound that some might consider as a little dated. As I know the musical direction of SBS already a few years, I’m a kind of familiar or used to their approach, and the arrangements seem to improve by every new release. The front cover artwork of this new release might be childish for some, but I personally like the way how they interpret the drawing with the album title ‘Heaven Can Wait’.

Now about the music: ‘The Journey Begins’ is an intro that is taking too long before it guides us to the first real song, which is called ‘Bloody Wedding’. This track has a very nice melody line which contains a lot of recognition after a few times listening to the track. A nice arrangement with a great chorus line, so they didn’t miss the start at all! The second song is called ‘Against The Whole World’, which speeds up from beginning, followed by ‘Scream From Hell’, which is a short musical intermezzo. All songs on this new SBS album have the same potential and persuasiveness, and at  some moments, the band resembles to bands like The Scorpions, Alice Cooper and like-minded. The track ‘The Judgement’ has some really fast guitars and screams and yells, which evokes pure Heavy Metal! ‘Samhain’ has very fast vocals that sometimes made me think on Peavy from Rage. There are really great songs on this new SBS album, and if you are into the previous albums of this band, don’t hesitate to get this new output as well! ‘Religion Of Rock’ is a track that starts like ‘Burn’ from Deep Purple, but after the typical riffing, this track leads its own life! 

SBS gathered a lot of friends to help them out during the recording process, so you will notice that Ferdy Doernberg (Axxis, Axel Rudi Pell, Eden’s Curse, and of course Rough Silk) joined the band in the studio, as well as Maestro Mistheria (Rob Rock, Bruce Dickinson, Tommy Vitaly). These know exactly how to lift a song, and that’s exactly what they did on ‘Heaven Can Wait’. SBS can be proud on what they achieved, and hopefully, they will be able to take their music abroad Lithuania as well!

My rating: 83 / 100