SBS - TIK MENULIO SVIESA... (Independent)


                    (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

This Lithuanian band was formed in the year 1979 (!!), but after several line up changes and interruptions, they are alive and kicking since 2005 again. SBS stands for ''Spicy Bits Of Scandal'', and I guess that the shortened SBS is easier to create an international career, so let's name them SBS from now on. One of the highlights in their long term career was adding Vitalis Kairriukstis in their line up. Vitalis is probably the best Lithuanian Hard Rock singer that is living in this country, and he reminds me on Klaus Meine from The Scorpions by appearance and looks. SBS have an international sound and attitude and seem to be ready to fight their competitors in the metal arena!  


Heavy Metal monsters Judas Priest choose SBS to open for them during their Vilnius gig in 2005.  The whole thing was recorded and released as a live album, which included 5 new studio songs as well. This album consolidated the band with a mega hit ('Zaidejas') in their home country, followed by the 'Roko Naktys Festival', which was recorded by national Lithuanian TV.  Another line up change occurred, and 2006 saw the start of a refreshed SBS line up with youngster Giedrius on guitars.  Giedrius is the only musician in Eastern Europe with an endorsement deal of Hammer Guitars.  The same year, they were invited again to play the Roko Naktys Festival, valued by mass media. 


Anno 2007, SBS released their second album ''Tik Menulio Sviesa...'', which stands for ''Only Moonlight...'' and the reviews were rave so far!  Our copy has a list of the songs and their original titles, but luckily also an overview on their English meaning, so we will focus on the last. Opener 'Revenge' has a typical Lithuanian intro (as far as I am aware about this totally unknown country, but it gives me the right feeling, let's put it this way) that is changing over in a pretty speedy track. 

The band is able to compose and create good arrangements that vary from up-tempo to melodic songs and last but not least ballads. The only obstacle or stumbling block might be the lyrics that are unintelligible and inarticulately. Perhaps, they will focus on English lyrics in the future, which would be a good move. 


I can conclude that my expectation was rather restrained when I received the package, but the band surprised me all the way with their great performance and musical skills!  The live pictures that were added indicate that this band is ready for the next level in their musical career, and it would be cool to see how Vitalis is breathing fire on a West European stage in the near future! You can obtain more info about SBS on 


One last point: one of the biggest SBS projects will be 'Diagnoze: SBS', which will be big surprise for the Lithuanian Music Industry, and their third album will be recorded real soon.  Keep your eyes and ears open for the best East European Hardín Heavy Metal Band: SBS!


My rating: 87 / 100