(Review by Stefan)

It’s been a while since I got an Italian Metal band dished to discuss so this is the right time spreading the word of SRL (which stands for Società a Responsabilità Limitata - Limited Liability Company)’s new album called “De Humana Maiestate” unleashed by Revalve Records. As for the number of the band’s released products so far, the counter is currently at 5 – the new one is a concept piece featuring main topics like: ‘sorrow, rage and revenge’, actually things in life we all have (or had) the deal with. Available as a good looking digi-pack, the CD has a very well done, professional approach. Dark coverage and brilliant, heavyweight production  - “De Humana Maiestate” is here to set your heart and soul on fire,  and by force!


The songs has been written/sung in the Italian language – unfortunately, my knowledge of it is reduced to zero. Besides an unknown language to me I must confess that all the rest in SRL can be described as a real good job. About their style, well it’s a mixture of Thrash and Melodic Death Metal including very aggressive vocals those who alternate with death grunts and grim screams akin to Cradle Of Filth’s frontman Dani. The nice guitar lines to bring me satisfaction, both players seem to respond real good to each other and that results in splendid smashing fireworks. Another ear catcher are the fast technical guitar riffing and melodic leads – I can’t avoid the fact that (in some ways) I hear influences of mighty Chuck Schuldiner (ex-Death, Control Denied) which is personally very interesting due to I always been a fan of this fallen Metal God! 


Listening to “De Humana Maiestate”, it’s high-speed velocities, aggression and technical skill that run off with the main prize – Melodic Thrash/Death Metal from an Italian band which holding the reins firmly in hands. Provided with necessary alternations, I think that the effort will reach the heart of those into nowadays, extreme Metal music.  Order opportunities at:  SRL official homepage:


My Points: 81 / 100