SAINT - WARRIORS OF THE SON (Retroactive Records)



                                   (Review By Stefan)



A while ago, Retroactive Records unleashed a wonderful 3-disc series from one of the leading forces in Christian minded US Heavy Metal named Bride. Subtitled under the file “The Originals”, first three albums from Bride available on CD was a gift from heaven to me! I discussed them one by one with pleasure because of my highly admiration for Classic US Heavy Metal – for loads of so called Reborn Metal Classics, record company Retroactive will show you the way for sure! Well, I was excited with these three Bride works and guess what – the story is about to repeat itself with a the new series from another great White Metal act... I proudly present part two of “The Originals” series, this time it’s the band Saint’s turn so get ready for the re-release of three US Metal highlights!


We can denied the fact that Saint can also be described as one of the leading troops in American based Christian Heavy Metal music. Bassist Richard Lynch formed the band (along with the help of drummer Gene McClendon) back in 1983 – through hard times both guys went because of the lack of money and also to find the right guys to fill up a decent line-up wasn’t an easy task. Both Richard and Gene refused to take no for an answer and kept going on… finally, time for celebration came on because they found what they were looking for. Josh Kramer became the singer in Saint, John Mahan as guitarist. Pooling some cash together, the boys went to an 8 track recording studio to finish their very first, official effort – a six song MLP called “Warriors Of The Son” saw finally daylight in 1984.


We all know that nothing comes naturally, if you wanna reach something - you have to go for it in full force no matter the cost and courage. That’s what Saint did with a lot of conviction and the right spirit! We talk about a release from 1984 which is a long time ago but good old Heavy Metal is timeless such as “Warriors Of The Son” from Saint proves for sure! The band struggled through rough times to release this album back then but in the end, it was definitely worth the effort. An fantastic effort, first released by the band themselves, later on followed by other labels like Morada, Rotten and Armor Records which was good to give Saint a well deserved form of recognition throughout the world of Heavy Metal.


Going back into the days of Classic Metal music, I still do remember very well I played Saint’s debut for the very first time. It was 1984 and all we lived for was getting high by Heavy Metal. Playing all day long as many as we could cassette tapes and vinyl plates and Saint’s “Warriors Of The Son” was one of them. Josh Kramer’s throat in the vein of Rob Halford during the very early years of Judas Priest… I always been a fan of these legends so I was hooked on Saint’s way of Metal as well, right from the start. No matter what, all the tracks on “Warriors Of The Son” still mean a lot to me. Classic US Heavy Metal music reigns supreme throughout the entire running time.


When you missed the boat back in 1984, Retroactive gives you the ultimate chance to relive the very early days of Saint once again. Take a look and order your own Heavy Metal treasures at: /  or Besides “Warriors Of The Son”, Saint created some more masterpieces which I will discuss later on for sure. Stay tuned and check out the Metal To Infinity webzine whenever you want to – loads of US Metal reviews added so far and plenty of more are on the list to work out asap. Watch out for it!


My Points: 95 / 100