(Review by Stefan)

Well, the following product is quite a unique piece because of the fact, Greece based Scorcher is a one-man band formed by ex-Dragon Lair axeman named Tex. It took the man a whole lotta effort to realize what he always wanted – creating a full album, all done by himself. In the past, Tex brought out a sic song demo called “Labyinth” which was loaded with straight to the bone Heavy Power Metal tracks with a serious nod to the eighties. All the positive reactions from outside gave the man even more inspiration and motivation to continue – may I present you the Scorcher’s official debut album entitled “Armageddon From The Sky”, released through Steel Gallery Records, a sub-label from the great Arkeyn Steel Records division!


Available as a jewel box, produced by Tex himself and CEO Arkeyn Steel/Steel Gallery Records Kostas Athanaglosou delivered a great job with regard to the artwork and lay-out duties. Due to Scorcher is a one-man project, “Armageddon From The Sky” gives me the feel to hear a full band for real… and I’m not exaggeration! Tex has a good voice to me, sometimes reminiscent to Mr. Alan Tecchio from US Metal acts Hades/Power and Watchtower. Make notice that he’s not able to reach the same, high pitched parts but listening to some of the tracks like ‘The Astral Prison’ and ‘Double Soul’ bring some good old Tecchio elements to my ears. In my opinion, Tex is a real good vocalist taking care of his solid throat as good as it gets. What about the drum and bass lines? These are also very well composed by Tex and everything feels like you’re listening to separate musicians doing their job individually. But the best has yet to come – all the guitar moves spread throughout the entire album are just fantastic! Is this the work of only one person? Difficult to believe but a fact is a fact, Tex is the name who does it all extremely talented!


I really adore Scorcher’s alley because of the Classic US Power Metal influences, also their contribution to NWOBHM speaks to my imagination. The acoustic song ‘The Mountains Of The Sky’ they had to leave behind due to its too mellow/too atmospheric character… a No to me! About the rest of the album… well that’s awesome and I’ve got no reason to complain at all. Absolute highlights for myself are the ones reflecting a True US Metal character such as: ‘The Astral Prison’, ‘Remembrance’ and ‘Double Soul’. Great vocals, typical US Metal guitar riffings, ripping and deafening solo’s featuring catchy, technical and melodic tactics… Tex takes control of it all like a real pro!


“Armageddon From The Sky” from one-man project Scorcher took me by surprise really! Focussed on efforts created by only one individual, this is one of the greatest I’ve heard. Good and well suiting vocals, multiple rhythm sections ranging from mid to up-tempo and speed velocities, flaming Metal solo’s and the most interesting part for myself… the present of US Power Metal elements! In order to generalize this effort, I’d like to recommend to fans who like their stuff both Classic US Metal and NWOBHM minded. Whoever is interested, order your own copy at:


My Points: 87 / 100