(Review by Officer Nice)

Andrea Bazzon is the guitarist and composer from this band. He found Claudia Duronio to do the vocal parts on this release and this soprano singer didn’t doubt to join the forces of Serenade. Soprano vocals in combination with Heavy metal brings on typical bands like After Forever, Epica, Nightwish etc. Not always that easy to make a review about because the vocals are demanding so much attention it’s mostly a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ to me.

With Serenade it’s not different, I really want to focus my self on the music, on the arrangements and the songs but Claudia Duronio demands all of my attention. She’s not the worst singer I heard in this style, nor can I say she can hook up with Tarja Turunen but she’s Godlike to me! I really worship her vocal talent!

All other bands, except for After Forever, are less and Serenade is less too. Although it is clear some fine musicians are at work here. Serenade brings darker Metal, what makes them close to After Forever. The keyboard parts and orchestral passages will make more listeners think about this Dutch band. And yes, Claudia Duronio contains a beautiful voice but yet she isn’t able to take me by the throat. I miss warmth, the ability to give me cold shivers.

The beautiful and eye-catching front cover doesn’t change my mind about this. This band needs something that make them sound more overwhelming, the specific difficulty with Gothic metal bands. The band misses originality and their own inspiration can’t be heard enough. It makes Serenade a ‘middle of the road’ band, not bad but certainly not good enough. Yet some creative ideas, a mixture with other subgenres or whatever can make this band better. A decent debut, good for fans of the genre...

My Points: 70 / 100