(Review by Officer Nice)

I never had so much trouble before to make an album listenable. Let me explain… I met the guitar player Carlos Alvarez on Facebook and it seems he only had his music digital, no CD’s are available. It took some time unless I could burn this one on a CD-R but I didn’t want to give in because I really liked what I’ve heard on the Internet. To make a story short; this is the band’s second effort.


Shadowdance is from out of the USA and as I’ve said tons of times before almost all my favorite bands are from out there. Shadowdance isn’t, that’s even clear from the first spin, just a typical American Metal band and their sound is surely influenced by the more modern European Power Metal bands. Kind of mixing genres but it fits and the band strikes with aggressive riffs, an overload of hard hitting drums and a vocalist that contains the perfect voice for this kind of music.

Fans of the better European Power Metal bands, mentioning for example Manticora and Brainstorm, will really adore this band but the band also reminds me to Cypher Seer, Onward and Pyramaze. This is without any doubts a power metal blast, capturing the sheer essence of the genre and improving it with the addition of speed and progressive metal elements. The band worked hard to ensure that these elements are recognizable and delivers a product that pleases me, making me pity that I can’t add this one in my CD-racks.  God, do I hate those downloads!


But that doesn’t change my thoughts about the band anyway because these guys need all of your attention. More than once I was astonished by the leads, emotional played and impressing all the way, in “All Or Nothing” you’ll hear what I am talking about. The bludgeon drumming and ultra strong played bass lines are empowering the total package. Shadowdance delivers a variability of tracks, with tempo changing all the way and making this album more than enjoyable. You’ll witness twisting music mixed with a diverse powerhouse of vocals, reminding me often to Michael Grant (R.I.P.) in a blend with Lars F. Larsen . 


Another part I found interesting is how the band tries melody in every single song. Not cheesy at all but just the way Heavy Metal demands, with a slice of dark ambience in it! And yet, again, I hear superb played leads, often shreds… The music contains all the trademarks of the genre; rather complex rhythms, good chosen energetic structures, enough technical virtuosity and very dynamic arrangements, all foreseen with clear and strong vocals. “Walk With Fate” is a fantastic song and I really adore the way the band creates the atmosphere on this release, by instruments, and that means some good musicians are present here! Also “Suspension” left me behind with eyes wide shut, wow!


Shadowdance really needs to get signed so they can sell their music to the world. Uploads, downloads, whatever loads, I don’t give a damn but it seems the only way to purchase this album! True Metal heads want to buy their stuff, want to study the booklet, want to put the silver disc into their CD-player! But that doesn’t mean I really enjoyed this one! Great stuff you can find at 


My Points: 88 / 100