SHADOWQUEEN - DON'T TELL (Bad Reputation Records)


                                   (Review by Stefan)

Shadowqueen comes from the capital of Australia, Melbourne and started back in the early days of 2010. Formed by Robbi Zana (lead vocals/bass and piano) and guitarist/backing singer Si Hopman - both have an extensive musical background, they already played numerous live concerts together in the past. A suitable drummer entered the ranks by the name of Alex Deegan. After many rehearsals the band was ready to visit the studio for the recordings of a debut who got the title “Don’t Tell, released through French masters of dirty and mean Rock music, Bad Reputation. With the emphasis on hard-hitting Rock’n Roll, check out the label’s homepage at: 


Well, this female fronted powerhouse don’t play Metal basically. The genre that Shadowqueen brings is located somewhere under the category of Melodic (Hard) Rock spiced with both classic and groovy oriented, modern vibes. To be quite honest, I’m not really into such type of music. I admit that the members of the band had nothing to do with that… they offer their own skills in a very orderly manner. Robbi Zana’s voice seems to be made for this type of music, her unique way of vocal delivery adds value to the entire Shadowqueen sound!


Make already notice that “Don’t Tell” is loaded with eleven songs, mostly following the tradition of guitar driven Melodic Rock… unfortunately, some of the songs are too modern/groovy for me. I hear a very good singing act of Robbi Zana but sometimes, she has a tendency to experiment with her voice and that’s a bridge too far for myself. Some of the tracks to let hear that she really deliver the goods, she even reminds me sometimes of Gigi Hangach of mighty US Metal band Phantom Blue. According to me, just singing straight forward would be a good advise to the band.


By the fact I was unfamiliar this band in advance, I had no expectations – now that I’ve heard Shadowqueen’s debut album “Don’t Tell”, I can’t say that I’m fully satisfied. Still, this is a real good band following the pathways of Rock instead of Metal and that is where the shoe pinches. I’m not disdain to the band - I'm just not really attracted to this gem. Melodic ‘modern’ Rock fans better check out Shadowqueen at:  


My Points: 70 / 100