SIDHE - SHE IS A WITCH (Black Widow Records)


                           (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

A really eerie cover artwork is lurking at me with the title ‘She Is A Witch’ as statement.  The band that presents this release is called Sidhe and was found in 2005 in Somma Lombardo (Varese), Italy. They present their music as melodic doom and some influences of Gothic Metal, and I totally agree! Sidhe isn’t a typical Gothic metal band in the style of Epica, Within Temptation, nor are they comparable with typical doom metal acts. They crisscross the genres and add their own identity to the songs.

Black Widow Records signed the band, so they got the opportunity to release a debut album. Before entering the studio to fulfill their contract, they already released a demo called ‘Sidhe Demo’ which featured three songs, but all can be found on this album as well. As the demo was recorded in 2005, shortly after the foundation, Sidhe had 7 years to write new material, but it seems like this band is rather working slowly. Perhaps they altered the song structure, but I can’t compare as I didn’t hear that first recording at all.

Anyhow, “She Is A Witch” opens with the track ‘The Wheel Of The Year’ and it was really fantastic how this track is composed. Also outstanding vocals from Tytanja, which fit perfect to the musical direction. Her voice is powerful but at the same time melodic, and the way she brings the lyrics amused from the very first moment. ‘The Wheel Of The Year’ is a superb opener, so I was longing for more. The next track is called ‘Goddess Song’ and is really heavy and has a slow pace. Let’s say that this track is average, especially compared with the opener. We continue with the track ‘L’incantesimo’, which has Italian lyrics. I must say that I lost my attention a bit, as I am not familiar with that language, so only the musical arrangement needs to drag my concentration, and that failed partly. The title track is the next one, and luckily we continue in English. ‘She Is A Witch’ is a good song with enough variation and again a good interaction between musicians Vins, Mike and Rob and the female throat of Tytanja.

About the lyrics, we can add this information. The band likes to write about witchcraft in general as they believe in the WICCA faith. The name of the band stands for ‘people of the hills’, and refers to the excluded group of people, where witches took part of. Theoretically, Sidhe has this definition: "Supernatural creatures of Irish and Scottish folklore, who lived in Sidhe"; fairies, "people of fairy mounds". The total playing time of 50 minutes amused me with ups and downs, but all in all a band with potential to grow and evolve!

My rating: 74 / 100