SILVER TEARS - REBIRTH (Revalve Records)


                                 (Review by Stefan)

To me, releasing a debut album after nearly ten years of existence is some kind of an unusual situation in the nowadays Metal scene! This scenario is also applicable for Italian based band Silver Tears who were formed back in 2003. Due to the lack of more detailed background information of the band, I can’t tell for sure if they released demo’s or EP’s in the past… only thing I know for sure is that “Rebirth” is their debut official effort, released through Revalve Records.


The recording process started in 2010 at Sherpa Studios and mastered at Room AB by Göran Finnberg (Dark Tranquillity / In Flames). Everyone involved to complete “Rebirth” delivered a good job but can I say the same concerning their style of Metal? Well, it’s NOT my alley, that’s definitely right! Silver Tears belong to the category of Progressive Death Metal bands playing their stuff with a minor twist of atmospheric, sometimes fusion esque type of Power/Black Metal elements.


When pronouncing the term Black Metal, I mainly mean the vocals which are reminiscent to Children Of Bodom/Cradle Of Filth or even Immortal frontmen. Dark and cold, shrieking vocals sometimes alternation with death grunts or even clean standard vocals – to be honest, they should leave these clean vocals behind… it just doesn’t feel right to me. Occasionally, I have the intention that Silver Tears wants to make it all too complicated. Nothing wrong with that but if you still want to play like this, make sure that you will succeed and that is, unfortunately, not the case within the camp of Silver Tears. A joyful song requires a strong character and good structures, elements that are clearly missing on “Rebirth”.


I need to speak for myself and mention that this effort did not know how to embrace me, not even close. As wrote already, this type of Metal is not my alley and it never will but do not be fooled by my assessment… just draw your own conclusions and judge by yourself. Check out the band at:


My Points: 54 / 100